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2015 report blog

Hello, everyone! My blog contains recapitulation of my eSports year of 2015. So take a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and have a nice time reading my report of 2015.
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Author column by Na`Vi.prb. June

It's 12 AM, as I write these lines. I'm sitting in Natus Vincere office and I'm the only employee, who stays at work so late today. It's noisy though: the builders are finishing one more storey of our new office.
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Blog by the manager of Dota 2 squad

Aloha, guys! It’s so thrilling to write the first (!!!) blog in my life, but I need to do it, as my work obliges me to do it : ). I will tell you much interesting, including the training process, team environment and the news. Let’s go!
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Vanskor's Blog #1

I had no desire to fly to Kyiv at all. So after some contemplations we chose another way. We spent one night in the train from Moscow to Kyiv. The beginning of the journey was funny.
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Dendi: We need your help!

Hello, everyone! I ask for your help :) We need your support very much! As far as you know, we lost the qualifiers of Beyond The Summit 2, the tournament to be held in Los Angeles from 4 to 8 December.
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Author column by Na`Vi.prb. November

The blog covers the possible reasons of changes in roster of DotA 2 and World of Tanks squads, the moods inside the team after the reshuffles, the plans of the organization and many other things.
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Na`Vi.ceh9 Blog - #2

Hi, folks! In my second blog I will speak about my trip to ESEA with the CS:GO team. I guess there’s no secret that our team will go to Dallas in the end of June, to participate in the final stage of the tournament.
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Na`Vi.Dota 2 manager's blog #2

Preamble: Since I wrote the previous post in Russian and the English speaking community had to do with a rough translation, I am doing this one in English, and I am sure someone will get it translated to Russian.
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Blog #1 by Na`Vi.1437

Post-Summit LAN we had a 3 day cool down period where we returned home to prepare for our boot camp in Daytona Beach, Florida where we would spend our next month preparing for TI4. What was 2 days back home merely felt like a couple of hours.
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Home games in CS:GO?!

As a perfectionist, I think about the details all the time. Details in everything. Little things. Little things that are very important. The most important discoveries were made due to small things. The best gadgets and services are composed and refined wi
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