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Post-Summit LAN we had a 3 day cool down period where we returned home to prepare for our boot camp in Daytona Beach, Florida where we would spend our next month preparing for TI4. What was 2 days back home merely felt like a couple of hours. I couldn’t spend as much time as I would have liked with my friends and family before I left but the idea of playing at the international once again overwhelmed all other feelings, which made it much easier to get over it. Before I knew it I was tweeting from the Pearson International airport waiting for my flight to the much needed boot camp.
Since I’ve never been to Daytona Beach I didn’t really know what to expect but my first impression when I arrived was that it was much calmer, and relaxed than the thoughts that were brewing in the back of my head. There were some difficulties with what was planned and what ended up happening with where we were going to stay. Which made my first day quite exhausting but what’s an adventure without some mix ups right? Once I got in to the house that we rented I was quite pleased with everything, there were enough rooms and beds for everyone (except for fogged, he got the pull out couch) and the house itself was quite big and nice disregarding what it looked like from the outside. I was the first one to arrive at our new home and as everyone else came in later in the night I was beginning to get excited about what new experiences and adventures will come from this. 
When I woke up to the blinding light leaking from the shades I couldn’t sit in bed anymore, I was too curious about how the LAN Center was going to be. When I got out of my room I first saw Sneyking sitting on his laptop in the living room reading some forums and everyone else sound asleep even though we had scheduled some games an hour from that time, similar to how everything was when we played online. So I got up to everyone’s rooms and gave them the wake-up call, they weren’t very pleased :D. But eventually everyone did manage to get up and we were on our way in our rental car (Sney was actually in the trunk cause there was no space in the backseat, I actually die laughing looking back on that moment) to the LAN center which no one had any idea what it looks like or how it was going to be.
The LAN center was about 15-20 minutes away from our home which wasn’t so bad (I could imagine much worse). It was in a big plaza with a small sign “ARENA” above the entrance. Before I entered I was already beginning to judge, but once I got inside I was blown away with what it was like. In the front they have about 20 or so computers where regular customers will come to play and in the back they had an entire section with 6 computers, a large couch, and a wii with Mario kart 8 Korok requested all prepared for us. It was quite amazing actually and I was very impressed with what the guys at the LAN centre did with the place. It took some time to setup and there were some minor issues but nothing major that the guys working there couldn’t fix. Unfortunately we couldn’t make our scheduled scrim but we did practice against some unknown teams and got comfortable/familiar with our new set ups.
The day ended rather quickly but we did take the time to go out and buy some groceries and other things. Korok and I signed up for a nearby gym which Fogged and Sney also joined later in the week. After the first “real” day, I would say we got comfortable with our new home and were quite satisfied with everything that was provided for us. Only thing that was worrying me at the time was purely Dota related.
At the time DreamLeague was beginning and for about 4 days most of the TI teams were playing in it and it was going to be hard for us to train with any of them for about 4-6 days since they would take a break after it as well. Luckily we were still able to play with Empire, Power Rangers, Sigma, Liquid and a few other teams. I feel the same issue will reoccur when ESL LAN finals begin but I don’t think we will have a big issue finding some training partners and maybe we might even be able to train with VG or IG since they will be attending ESL. After the summit we knew what we had to work on to improve as a team but it wasn’t going to be an easy task at all. Our first few scrims were not satisfactory but there was no way we were just going to go in there and get it right on our first shot. I think it’s quite important that we just keep training hard and as many times we fall as a team or a single player we have to bring each other back up as one. 
So far Florida has taught me “don’t judge it by its cover”. I’m so grateful for this opportunity I have here and none of it would be possible without our sponsor. These are definitely the best accommodations I’ve had yet by far; compared to any other organization I’ve been with. Big props to the Arena LAN center guys who hooked us up with an awesome environment and have helped us out. This boot camp is going to be the wildest rollercoaster and if we can get off it together as a team there is going to be a big reward awaiting us.
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#1 30 June 2014, 12:44
Just enjoy yourself, 1437. When you're ready (and your team), you will accelerate like any other team... It will be amazing if you win TI4! I know you would!
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#2 dz SNova96 9 September 2014, 17:30
1437, every geek knows why ;)
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#3 id qunip 23 September 2014, 17:54
amazing !
keep fight guys
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