Dendi: We need your help!


Hello, everyone! I ask for your help :) We need your support very much! As far as you know, we lost the qualifiers of Beyond The Summit 2, the tournament to be held in Los Angeles from 4 to 8 December.


After Starladder we stayed in Kyiv to have a bootcamp before D2CL (in Bucharest). One day we had 2 games for BTS in order to be qualified for the playoff and to fight for the right to play in LA. The games were held on the same day as the final of EVC. We did everything wrong that day. Uninspired we lost both BTS games to the teams C9 and PR (though if we had won at least one game, we would have get to the playoff). This might have been a great kick that made us gather our strengths for the D2CL :) We were very upset. However, the teams have one more chance to get to the tournament by means of fans voting (Fan Vote - Redemption Team).


It is very important for us to get to this tournament. We need your help! Our team has undergone many changes for the past 2 months. Our results are poor. However, our spirit is strong and we intend to fight till the end. I want to assure you that it is very hard for a team to start playing well at once, when a new members joins it (especially if the team lacks trainings). When the captain is changed, the whole mechanism of the team needs to be built from a scratch. We have both a new captain and a new player. We need some time to build the whole mechanism once again. This results in poor performance. In addition to that we played without Gleb this time.


The BTS will be held not today, but on 4 December! If we pass by means of Fan Vote, we will gather our strengths at the bootcamp and train hard.


Additionally, you will have the CIS team to support, and we will entertain you at the stream, break into and cast along with V1lat and Casper.


The next LAN tournament will be most likely held after New Year.


P.S. If you do not know how to vote, check this post later to find the instruction, which will be added later.


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#1 br Zapathasura 14 November 2014, 20:58
One must have The Summit 2 compendium to vote right? I would vote if I had one. I don't even watch a tournament without Na`Vi. Hope you guys make it to LA, and most important, hope you guys can get that fresh start you need with the new team! Na`Vi Fighting! Good luck.

I really wanted to speak russian ...
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#2 id Alpine Bot 15 November 2014, 10:57
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#3 ph mykel21 15 November 2014, 12:07
how we can vote ?
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#4 ph edrilordz 15 November 2014, 13:13
help me too... unblock me in your fb please :(
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#5 ca johnservo24 15 November 2014, 14:48
Just do your Best..
If you Observed The other team's Strategy
Make a plan for it.. if you can..


ES (For Disabling)
Magnus/Dark Seer (Vaccum or Reverse Portality)
Sven (Passive Battle Fury + Strong Damage, This Guy is Your Carry)
Cent/Axe (They are tanks,, They can last long,, Why axe?? LOL.. idk.. XD)
SM (This Guy Will be your sup.. well.. Es,Magnus and darkseer can be a sup.. but who cares?)

Silencer (BAN THIS GUY,, 100%)
Naga (I know you hate her Ult)
Void (C'mon,, You Know this guy,, I know you hate this guy,, but he's my fave hero XD)
Idk who to ban next.. but.. I hope this can Help

HATERS,, Pls dont hate,, im just a noob
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#6 ph gerry005 15 November 2014, 15:15
Don't worry dendi I voted for you guys already please check my post with the same username in staem account in I Love you NAvi Eu! God bless!
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#7 dk Guardian_RC 15 November 2014, 18:09
Do you actually believe that those staff are writen by Dendi and not team manager? poor you guys..
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#8 ph gerry005 15 November 2014, 18:12
Additional Help. I think its better if you do the Picking because you understand and know your teammates and opponents in the game...

You should always play mid with the best carry mid ever don't use Mid like a Melee or slow farmed onces but worth picking for mid meelee are - Lycan,Sven,terroblade,. I prefer you should always consider INVOKER, if You have a carry of Gyro,Slark,medusa,AntiMage,Specter for the Alacrity Buff. and pick Orge magi...

You should try to use this combo Shadow Shaman and Skywarth Mage. its so good hex+Hold + SS Sky = AUTO DEAD.

If you wanna go Push dont use Death Prophet. Use heroes like Sven.ogre magi, Specter, Skywrath,Shawdow shaman.

Always use StormSpirit with Orchid build.

Key players = Funn1k,Goblack Their heroes should be a Support semi Carry.
for Funn1k = Tide if Doom is banned, Doom, Batrider, Clockwork, Facelessvoid, Legion, TrollWarlord and Bounty Hunter
For Goblack = Centaur, Ogre Magi, Keeper of the Light, Enigma, Lina, ES, Clockwork, or Sven.
For XBOCT = Lifestealer, Gyro, Specter, Slark, Troll, Alchemist, Centaur, Anti Mage, Medusa,Luna or Sven or even Tiny...
For the others it's already depends for the counter picking. YOu just have to decide which will be more effective in the game for you to win.

DENDI if you use PUCK try pick XBOCT lifestealer its classic and maybe let Funn1k Use Magnus for the buff. Use Trollwarlord if you have Centaur and Slardar with it. and DOnt be afraid to ATTACK THEM :D

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#9 id Bims 17 October 2015, 05:55
FOR NAVI, the key is "push" ..dendi and friends more like kill and forget about push
try to didn't always five in one line
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