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2015 report blog

Hello, everyone! My blog contains recapitulation of my eSports year of 2015. So take a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and have a nice time reading my report of 2015.
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Author column by Na`Vi.prb. June

It's 12 AM, as I write these lines. I'm sitting in Natus Vincere office and I'm the only employee, who stays at work so late today. It's noisy though: the builders are finishing one more storey of our new office.
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Blog by the manager of Dota 2 squad

Aloha, guys! It’s so thrilling to write the first (!!!) blog in my life, but I need to do it, as my work obliges me to do it : ). I will tell you much interesting, including the training process, team environment and the news. Let’s go!
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