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Aloha, guys! It’s so thrilling to write the first (!!!) blog in my life, but I need to do it, as my work obliges me to do it : ). I will tell you much interesting, including the training process, team environment and the news. Let’s go!


Chapter 1. Team


I’m pretty sure that we had failed to get to SLTV finals, many people buried/disbanded the team. It was painful and quite offensive to read: “Na`Vi have changed, and the brand is the only thing that remains, the organization should be renamed into “Born to Loose” (c). Not in your lifetime! I think, now that we’re going to Dota 2 Asia Championship in China (I wish we’d got the first place and a direct slot to the finals of the tournament), the carping tongues get a bit quieter. I’d like to notice that we didn’t have system trainings at all in the end of 2014 (and it was the end of 2014 when the key games for SLTV were held). This was the main reason for the team’s poor performance.


As concerns the environment inside the team, the ambience has significantly improved lately. Guys regained their faith in themselves and their teammates. They’ve finally stopped the “snowball of defeats”.  However you need to understand that the team is still in the middle of a certain search. They search themselves in the game and their unique!!! style. The team is much elevated as per moment. I think everybody understands that the participation in D2AC will give us a boost, and self-confidence, above all. The team knows that it is capable of defeating top-teams and it will be winning. All they need to do is to focus on their trainings and work. This is what they can do for sure.


Chapter 2. News


You know, I’d like to begin this chapter with team Secret and their new squad. After finding out about the team’s new squad, a good friend of mine wrote to me: “Arteezy+s4=EZ TI5”. I guess, everyone now thinks the same. If not everyone, than most people do. Being a football fan, I’ve immediately recalled the star squad of Real Madrid (2005-2006 season). As you might remember the team had such brilliant players as Zidane, Ronaldo, Beckham, Figo, Raul, Roberto Carlos, and yet failed to show any brilliant result. They demonstrated beautiful performance and names, that’s it. Where was the result? I’m not going to compare football and DotA. By no means do I predict the fall of Team Secret. All I want to say is that the presence of glorious players in the team doesn’t mean the team will be 100% winning. There’s no secret that for the team to play as an organic whole and to make results, a range of conditions are required. Frankly speaking, I really want to witness Team Secret performing excellently. In such event, we’ll see much beautiful Dota, which is great : )


Chapter 3. Team plans.


This part will be very short. What is ahead? The team will have a bootcamp before the beginning of Dota 2 Asia Championship. This is out of discussion. The bootcamp is vitally important and the team needs it. The team will also be training a lot. You know, in the middle of December, our CEO Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kohanovsky had an interview. When he was asked: “When will dota 2 division return to its previous level?”, he answered: “By the end of February”. I’m not going to second-guess, but I promise to do my best to make it happen. And I think the guys will support.


Peace and good to all of you! Andrew “Kimi” Kvasnevskiy.

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#1 id maidenhard 19 January 2015, 04:57
I was read post like this from previous manager. I didnt see the result! Plis this time no bullshit! (I didnt post like this if i dont like Navi)

Another case of SL XI, game 2 vs MVP lower bracket, maybe most of ppl think that Na'Vi is outdrafted, and i know NaVi drafter want to play some style different, But suddenly i look onto Dendi not comfortable enough when Zeus picked. You know what, the problem is Navi players not trust each other. Plis fix this!
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#2 sa javesonz24 2 February 2015, 11:48
this is about team building and not about talking about their own styles of game. i know this team Navi will do their best to become a Champions so as the other teams. We need to play like we are enjoying and some people are happy with us looking that we also enjoy playing. winning or loosing is the part of Game Mechanics but most important guys we are humble and great fully that we do are best in playing and giving more respect to other players. me myself i don't give a case even if i win or loose b'coz i love to play with other people and im giving them my respect to if they add me. ill be much happier to be with playing. thanks Team Navi. keep it up guys and God Bless you all :)
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#3 ie evermen 25 March 2015, 20:30
gg wp disband pls
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#4 um Toothless 2 April 2015, 22:40
Hi Na'Vi! I'm a true fan of yours. I don't care what others say about the team or whatever it is, all I want is to encourage you to play harder and be more successful! I played DotA and DotA 2 because of you, and I don't want my inspiration to just fail and insulted. I know that there's something you and the team can do. Whatever happens, you have my support, the team has my support. I'm just one, but one is better than none, so I hope that you would make me as an encouragement to do your thing. I know you guys are suffering some communication problems and team coordination, but guys, remember, no man is an island, if we work together, nothing is impossible! So do your best guys, good luck for TI5 and other contests! God Bless! Win or Lose, still Na'Vi is the best for me!

I hope that this message will be read and inspire you guys and all of the Na'Vi fans. I don't care what others may say. Don't give-up Na'Vi! Go Na'Vi! Na'Vi 4ever!

~your fan
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