Na`Vi.ceh9 Blog - #2

Hi, folks! In my second blog I will speak about my trip to ESEA with the CS:GO team. I guess there’s no secret that our team will go to Dallas in the end of June, to participate in the final stage of the tournament. After ESEA we’ll visit Austin to play CS in the local tournament. Its prize is fair, if taking into account that the tournament will be held straight after ESEA and the venues are located nearby. Today is 24 June. I am in Kyiv and I’ve been idle here for 24 hours now. I don’t know why I’ve come here so early, as our flight to the US is scheduled on 26 June. Actually, I thought I’d be recording a bootcamp of Na’Vi CS division, since I believed they’d use this time to train as a team in a rented apartment. However the guys didn’t meet due to the visa issues and recent participation in DreamHack (Sweden). Guys needed some rest. Additionally they spent some time to prepare documents necessary to obtain US visa. However I still hope to pay a visit to Starix, who dwells nearby. I hope to record an interview with him and perhaps to ask questions to his girlfriend, who lives with Starix for a couple of years now.
I plan to stream the tournament on my laptop. This device is a kind of heritage of our former sponsor AlienWare. It is quite powerful, however, it sometimes fails to manage streaming, that is why I decreased the quality of the image. Therefore, if you see some changes in streams, don’t be afraid, this won’t last for a long time. It’s just that streaming away from home has its features. I think that searching for good Internet in Dallas will be the most challenging task. Notwithstanding ESEA organizers gave me the right to exclusive streaming of the tournament, they couldn’t provide Internet, as there is the speed limitation, and the channel has been already divided by two English-speaking streams. Therefore I want Russian-speaking audience of the CS:GO to grow bigger, so that I could negotiate the terms of streaming with the event organizers from the position of strength. I mean the greater the audience is, the more lucrative it is for the organizer. Take Dota2 as an example, Russian-speaking audience is as big as the English-speaking one. That is why the best streamers are invited to the tournaments and it's the organizer, who pays for streamer's flight and accommodation in addition to providing good Internet. Well, I consider it as a challenge. I’ve managed to handle worse situations.
Additionally I will work as a manager for the CS:GO team within the framework of the trip. Eugene Erofeev couldn’t accompany the players in their trip. However, my work will be limited to organizational issues, as I won’t be capable to both comment the tournament and stand behind the backs of the guys to support them. I leave supporting to you, my dear spectators! I hope we’ll manage to do all the things right and return home to celebrate our victory!
P.S. If things go completely wrong with the Internet, I’ll find some cybercafé or abandon the idea of streaming and dedicate myself to providing the support to the team. I think that the victory is the most important thing for the real fans of the team!
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#1 id qunip 23 September 2014, 17:54
keep fight bro :)
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#2 gb VargCP 2 October 2014, 15:03
Good luck man, Make everyone proud and remember we're counting on you!
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#3 in hyper_2112 13 January 2015, 10:48
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