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Hello, friends! Let me introduce myself to those of you, who don’t know me. My name is Oleg “prb” Bulavko. I’m 27 years old. I work as the Head of Online Marketing at Natus Vincere and as the Editor at I cooperate with a couple of sponsors and supervise live-streams of our gamers and streamers (twitch). This blog is the continuation of author columns published at the previous website version. The new publications (blogs) will cover the inner life of the organization and a kind of “inside opinion”. This publication is particularly devoted to the events inside the organization and provides information related to the squads.
Frankly speaking the core-employees of the organizations have learnt to make so many things at a time over the past 5 year since the beginning of our “grand voyage”, that some of them are now called multi armed Sivas. We had to create project, to fill it and to sell it. The organization has been undergoing global changes for the past 6 months.
A strategic decision to stop growing wide and to start growing up instead was taken. As per moment Natus Vincere organization employs over 45 people and has 24 players, this being a fair demonstration of the company’s scale.
The organization created a position of Marketing Director (Gleb), engaged HR-manager Eugene, who is now searching for the new employees. We also employed SMM-manager Yulia to work in social networks.
Each squad has gained own manager. Along with the General Team Manager (GTM) they work to provide an effective cooperation between the organization and the players. E-sports club Na`Vi has always positioned itself as an organization specialized in management. This specialization along with a synergy of skilled players enabled to reach such strong positions and achieve the records, which are unlikely to be beaten by anyone in future. However, let us be honest. Past victories bring little profit. The modern world is so fast and changeable that it is vitally important to change. The competition is so strong that you can be brought down within an instant.
Where can we find the so much wanted motivation?
It is widely known, that there are 2 types of motivation: the inner and the outer one. Each personsis motivated by both of them to a particular extent. Some resent researches proved that the activities we deem senseless are perceived as unpleasant and demotivating. Outer motivation impair our results if the activities are connected with intellectual work and creativity. Needless to say that playing games at the professional level requires both intellectual work and creativity. 
Therefore the most efficient way to motivate one is the so-called “inner fire”, in other word it is a strong desire inside a person that moves him to his goal.
I do not think that most of the readers of this article do every day what they want. I doubt they do things, which can bring them closer to their aim, on a daily basis. I think this problem is familiar to the players to some extent.
Na`Vi organization started to pay special attention to sportive aspect, because as I have already mentioned it above, regress comes due to the lack of the progress. One of the multi handed Sivas of the organization, COO of the Company, Igor “caff” Sidorenko along with Eugene Erofeev, the manager of CS:Go squad, who recently started acting as GTM, work on this project.
Let’s be honest: recently Na`Vi has had many problems in the part of results achievement. All the changes, which the squads have undergone, is a natural process. Someone would call it a strip of bad luck or “the time to leave has come”, but I think it is a natural process. There’s no point to regret about any event, since regretting is a waste of time. Making right conclusions and moving on is more important. There’s no allusion to another possible change of Dota 2 squad. This idea is equally actual to all the squads and to the organization on the whole.
Well, my introduction is over. I will now speak about more particular issues.

Dota 2 Gambit

Let’s start from the recent events, namely the changes in the Dota 2 squad. The start of the new squad was a failure. On the one hand, the team was much expected to win from the very beginning. On the other hand, the guys have had little training. There was no notion like: “We are a new team. We need to invent new tactics, to work them out and to play more CWs to better understand each other”. I think they neither developed tactics, nor played CWs. In just 2 weeks after the acquisition of new players, the marathon of the trips began (WEC DH Moscow – EMC – WEC – ESL Online).
I followed the team in almost all those trips. I saw their inner moods. First f all, the ambience of the team became much better compared to those when Puppey and Kuroky were still in the team. On the other hand, both Puppey and Kuroky are introverts that were replaced by the introverts Vanskor and FNG. The ambience changed with the portion of “fresh air”. However the abovementioned trips were a failure.
The team hasn’t won a tournament since April 2014. As concerns LAN, the last event they won was SLTV of the 8th season in January 2014. So they haven’t gained any important victory for 8months. Do you think a team can survive for a long time in such conditions? How about the new squad?
Now I propose you to put yourself n the place of FNG. Imagine, that you get up early in the morning, you are one step to your first victory in the tournament (D2CL) as a member of Na`Vi, you browse web on your tab, just to find out that the VPP player Goblak will play as a member of Natus Vincere, while there’s a huge question mark beside your nickname. What would you feel in such case? Just imagine yourself in such situation.
The answer to the question concerning any possible changes in the squad and the time of this question can solely be published in the website If you do want to find out the truth, visit our website more frequently. You’ll be fully informed concerning all our events.
I’ll tell you one secret: the manager of Dota 2 squad has already been chosen. His name will be announced soon.
By the way, if you do not know, Na`Vi XBOCT broke his leg in Bucharest. The city is not to blame. It was the marble table’s fault. This heavy peace of furniture fell on his leg, when he was pulling the bag from it. Next 4 weeks he’ll spend at home.

4 isn't always good
Our squad has still the chance to get to The Summit 2, however this chance will entirely depend on our fans, which will vote for us in the compendium of the tournament. This might result in our team gaining the invitation to LA notwithstanding all the losses. Let’s hope you’ll vote for us and Sasha will have got well by the time (notwithstanding the results of the voting).


On of our most stable (in terms of results) squad has undergone some changes too. The captain of the team, who has lead the guys to the victory, has got a position of the manager of the squad. Two players of Na`Vi WoT squad’s “eternal rival”, “Unity” team have become our  official players.
Ec1ipse, the well known artillerist, has become a replacement player. What is the purpose of these changes and where is the former manager of the squad – Ali? It is hard to announce the answers to these questions. I do not want to confine to “It was a necessity” answer. One thing I’ll tell you is that any squad is a living organism, which requires attention and work. I hope that our tankers and the game they play will go outside the frames of one league, supported by the developers now. As per moments I have a feeling that e-sports component of WoT is developing very slowly.
In the meantime the section of our website TWOP WOT is actively developing now. You can read there many articles and advices of the professionals. So don’t forget to read it.

CS:GO perspective

On the one hand everything is fine with the CS:GO squad that recently won the first place at the GSL tournament in Moscow, and the fourth place at ESWC. On the other hand everything is not fine with it. I cannot tell you any insides, since there are no insides. However, I have my own feeling that the squad will undergo changes, if nothing changes inside the team (in the conscience of some players) in the closest future. I repeat that this is my very subjective opinion.
I’d like to pay special attention of all people, who wish to increase their level of performance of CS:GO and follow the steps of the gamer Andrey “Andi” Prohorov, to our TWOP CS:GO Section. Andi is responsible for the CS:GO section of our site and TWOP on the whole. He makes a titanic work writing and publishing the articles in our “Gamer’s Encyclopedia”. Follow the TWOP CS:GO section and learn from the professional.
By the way, we have been invited by Virtus.Pro to participate in Staff Cup in CS:GO with a prize pool 1000$. The squad includes:
Ugin (CS:GO squad manager)
Fin1tk (CS:GO movie maker)
Read the report, the information about the squads of other teams and other data here.

Nearest plans for the squads:

  • New season of SLTV XI starts in November with a new portion of epic online battles
  • One of the players might go to a promo-tour to India (follow our news for more details)
  • Dota 2 squad will participate in DotaCinema's XMG Captains Draft 2.0
  • The team plans to participate in DreamHack Winter 2014
  • One of the players might go to a promo-tour to India (follow our news for more details)
  • The squad will participate in new league to be announced in the nearest future
  • The squad will participate in SLTV XII
  • The squad might participate in the respective tournament due to the new format (Team Battle)
This is how 2014, the year of the organization’s 5th anniversary, ends. We will announce other events additionally.


Notwithstanding the changes or the results of the squads, we remain grateful to the fans, that stay with us and support the players and the organization on the whole. Our fan army is growing. There will be about 1 000 000 subscribers of Dota-2 channel by the end of the year, over 400 000 in Steam, over 300 000 in VKontakte, about 180 000 in Twitter, and almost 1 000 000 in Facebook. Thanks for staying with us.


Peace to everyone!


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