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I had no desire to fly to Kyiv at all. So after some contemplations we chose another way. We spent one night in the train from Moscow to Kyiv. The beginning of the journey was funny. Taxi driver couldn’t find the way to Kievsky train station (in Moscow). The roads to the station were blocked and we made a circle around it until we finally found our way. And then, in the train a brigade of custom officers met us to check our luggage so meticulously and ask so many questions that it seemed to be even worse than in the airport. The passengers claimed that they hadn’t seen this before.


Kyiv met us warmly. I didn’t have to wrap up into all the sweaters I had. We got to Arena, where we spent the whole day playing. In the evening after a good supper, we went to our apartments. Olga and I lived with Fng, and Funnik with Polina stayed at Dendi’s. It was very funny when we couldn’t find our apartment and occasionally woke up some innocent people (forgive us, please, we didn’t intend to do so!) :D


We were training at Arena in the following days.


The tournament went awfully. We seem to perform well in the beginning, but eventually it all goes wrong… Some matches were extremely disgusting. I don’t even want to recall them :) It seems to me we loose when we lack coordination in the middle game and late game after some incorrect actions. We would then loose our spirit and the desire to play. However each of us understands that this is a timely phenomenon. We need more strengths and motivation.


After such unsuccessful performance we felt really awful and discouraged. However we had to play another tournament on the next day.

Perhaps due to the lack of motivation we failed to perform well at the EMC finals and took the second place though we expected to take the first place.


On 30 October we had a flight from Kyiv to Bucharest to participate in D2CL finals.


I had never been to Romania before, so I was excited when we finally got there. In Moscow and Kyiv the fall was in the height, but the Bucharest was still green though the temperature was not higher than 10 degrees (Celsius scale). We had a short walk around the city with Moritz, who came with us. He told us there’s much food in Romania, and it is permitted to smoke anywhere you like. It turned out to be true! The portions were enormous. We ate so much :)


On the next day we came to the venue (Polyvalent Hall) where we had to play our first game against Team Empire. It was hard, yet we won 2:1 and went to have rest, because we didn’t get enough sleep and we were very sleepy. In the evening some of the players went to the cinema, and the others went for a walk. It was Halloween, a holiday which is splendidly celebrated in Romania. The streets were full of fun, with lots of thematic decorations and people in costumes, and the horror music of the horror films…


In the morning we found out that Goblak would replace someone from our team. It had tobe kept in secret, but… I don’t want to talk about it.


We gathered our strengths as far as it was possible for us, and finished the tournament without the losses, which positively influenced the team spirit :) Everyone were extremely happy!

Is there a trip without adventure? We had one. In the morning right before the flight Xboct managed to break his leg :D I wasn’t there, when it happened, so I can’t tell you the details, but I think it is not the most pleasant event in his life :)


As per moment our team undergoes some kind of a new period, as Arthur Goblak Kostenko joined our team and replaced Artem (Fng). This doesn’t mean that Fng is a bad player or a bad captain or a bad person. It’s just the necessary thing. We have even more work before us. We will work hard on our teamplay and on our personal interrelations. We’ll try to invent something new and to recall something old. Each of us is ready to put maximal effort into it.


We’ll have many various tournaments and rivals with various level of performance. We’ll have argues and searches of the right decisions. But I am sure, that it is worth it. We are ready to please our fans with new victories. Just give us some time :)


P.S. I haven’t posted this blog before since I had too much housework to do :) It is very pleasant to return home after a long journey and try to fit the habitual daily routine, but it also requires a certain responsibility to be taken. Thank you very much for reading my contemplations, thank you very much for supporting us. It gives us strengths :) 


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