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Hello guys, I would like to describe in this short blog our team, training process, some relationshipsand in general how does our CS:GO team work. 
First of all, this lineup was formed few months ago and the main goal behind this all was to be the best team in the world, be "The champions". For me personally, joining this team was a very hard decision, because I am coming from a different country than them and different language. 
The biggest question behind this was if there was going to be any "language barrier". Of course, at the beginning it was VERY, VERY hard for me to learn exact spots, calls, etc. After a while I needed to improve my communication skills, to at least be a basic "Russian" speaking player. Compared to my experience in, a Russian speaking team, I have now improved A LOT. That means I have  no problem to understand the calls in game, also when I listen to my mates speaking on Teamspeak, I probably understand 70% of it.
That’s all I can say about me and playing with my team in different language. My next point is going to be about our training process. 
How we train.
Let's start from the tactical side of the team. Every day before practice games, we spend 1 or 2 hours on server to talk about tactics and "tricks" that prepare for next upcoming events, so many good and working tactics that we will use at events to take some rounds under our Na'Vi colors. As a team we have one map, which we are not practicing at all. Why? Because the modern CS is mostly about vetoing your worst map, that means all the top teams doesn’t have to waste their time by practicing a pointless map. That’s nuke for us. Then we have maps that we are focusing on the most, but also there are maps that we have prepared, but they are worse in some way for us than other maps. In the video below you can see one of our strats on de_mirage.
A retake



Roles in tactics are very important.
There are many different roles that you have to accomplish to make the round possible. For example in retake strats, as I am the main sniper of the team, I am entering the site as last (depends on map we are playing in that moment, of course). Why? Because I am not only the entry fragger and sniper of the team, but also a semi-support player, which means I have to smoke and flash certain spots on certain maps. Then we have players that are throwing the least amount of grenades, but on the other hand, they are the guys to do the dirty work - entering the site first and getting the entry kills. But there are also strats where we are doing everything together, then the roles are irrelevant and the jobs are divided by comfort between players.
Individual skill depends on every single player in the team. If you are playing Deathmatch to be prepared for official games or mixes/matchmaking games, that is up to you.
You simply have to prepare as good as you can for the upcoming matches.
This is my example of preparing for official or LAN games:
To be a successful team, you have to have good relationships with all players. But of course, as in all teams, we are also arguing between each other, sometimes about stupid things, but that’s natural, I think. I do not know a single team that has never argued about something. In general, I think we are getting closer to each other, and we have the same goals in our minds. It is impossible to be a team without goals, it would lead to no interest for game at all.
The best way to be THE CHAMPIONS of a tournament is to gather everything together as a team - Minds, Goals, Friendship and the most needed thing to see is the same way, way of champions.. :) 
That’s how I see it and it does work in our team. Hopefully it will work for a long time, and we will bring home more and more championship titles and  I really believe and trust my teammates, that we are able to do so.
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Wish you best of luck on Dreamhack!
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