10 best plays of our CS:GO team


Ukraine Na`Vi's ESL One Cologne bootcamp is over and our guys are already on their way to the biggest major tournament of the year. They have spent 10 days in Kyiv practising tirelessly, and now they are ready to impress their fans and opponents. All teams, without any exception, have put gigantic efforts into preparation, working on new strategies, ideas, and improving their individual skills, so the competition will be extremely intense. Above-mentioned proves that the tournament will be quite unpredictible and, without any doubts, exciting to watch. As for now, we decided to reminisce the most memorable moments of Na`Vi players and gathered a list of ten amazing highlights, demonstrated by them this summer. All videos below and much more can be found on our YouTube channel. 


CEVO Season 7 (flamie)



This video features a great play of Russian Federation Egor “flamie” Vasilyev against Reunion Titan on de_overpass, where he managed to clutch the round in an almost unwinnable 1vs5 situation. He was defending the bomb that had been incautiously left by his opponents, and killed everybody one by one. Enjoy!


DreamHack Open Summer 2015 (GuardiaN)



Probably every CS:GO fan has already had the chance to enoy this epic play of Slovakia Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs on de_inferno, as it was featured in many highlight videos on the web. But you should agree that such beautiful plays are worth rewatching again and again. The quickness of our Slovakian player is truly impressive, especially considering how immobile snipers with the AWP usually are! 


SLTV StarSeries XIII Finals (Edward)



Ukraine Ioann “Edward” Sukharev with his amazing quad USP-S kill is the next on our list. As one of the casters said, the pistol master at his best has returned! 


SLTV StarSeries XIII Finals (Zeus)



The quad AK-47 kill on our next video proves that UkraineNatus Vincere's captain UkraineDaniil “Zeus” Teslenko is not only a great strategist and team coordinator, but also a very skilled aimer. 


ESWC 2015 (seized)



Another beautiful 1vs5 clutch done by Russian Federation Denis “seized” Kostin against United States Cloud9. He killed three opponents on short, and then managed to outplay two terrorists on the extremely difficult to retake B-bombsite. 


CEVO Season 7 (GuardiaN)



Despite the fact that de_cache is one of Na`Vi’s least played maps, GuardiaN’s great individual skills stood out even there. He managed to kill four opponents and stopped bomb defuse, winning a pistol round for his team.


ESWC 2015 (flamie)



flamie’s shooting skills never fail to impress! Thanks to them, he often plays a key role in Na`Vi’s bombsite takeovers, successfully making entry-frags and giving his team an opportunity to step in. 


FACEIT 2015 Stage 2 Final (Zeus)



The next video features an amazing M4A1-S play of Zeus on de_mirage. Our IGL managed to do a quad kill against rushing, yet well-equipped opponents and single-handedly won the round.


FACEIT 2015 League Stage 2 (Edward)



No one plays better with USP-S than Edward! This time, he killed four opponents on de_cobblestone and helped his team to win an important pistol round.


CEVO Professional Season 7 (seized)



Last but not least, the next video demonstrates a confident 1vs4 play from seized. Our Russian player is well-known for his great spray control and impressive coolness of judgement in clutch-situations. The clip above shows everything at once. 


These were 10 best moments of Na`Vi that we gathered for you. We truly hope that you enjoyed them! 

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