Ten popular modes of Warcraft III

Valve is preparing some grandiose introductions to Dota 2 by means of its Source 2 engine. The interface of the game will be substantially changed (so be ready to hear/read much wining about it). We'll also gain an opportunity to create custom maps, which is awesome! Well, we'd rather see the old good modes introduced in our favorite game first! For example, the custom maps of the legendary DotA Allstars. We've prepared the overview of several popular WarCraft III maps, which in our opinion Valve should add to Dota 2!

Uther Party


Group of players enters the map simultaneously and plays a series of mini-games. Mode consists of 8 quests, where players compete with each other. The winner is the player, who tackles the task in the best way. Show your friends who is the best player!  



Pudge Wars  


Pudge war is one of the most favorite games of community. The map is divided into 2 parts: one is yours, the other one is the enemy's. One of the main task is to hook the butchers of your enemy and kill them in your territory. By the way, you can save your allies, who got to the hands of your enemies, with the hook. Use the hook - save your friend!



Shadowraze Wars and Mirana Wars are made in a very similar way. Shadowraze Wars features Shadow Fiend, and Mirana Wars — PotM! Made for those who crave for diversity!






This map is a cult! So there's no need to introduce it. Be stronger and faster. Upgrade your skills and knock out the enemy's warlocks from arena! Want to improve your microskill asap? Play Warlocks!



Castle Fight 


Unlike Warlocks, Castle Fight is a passive strategy. The main goal is to destroy the enemy's castle. All you need to do is to build the barracks with various monsters and think one step ahead. Pretty similar to chess, but much more interesting!



Footman Frenzy


You assist an army of footmen to defeat the enemy! The map reminds us the war of creeps in DotA. Lead the fearless footmen and smash the rival's army!



Micro Arena


Micro Arena is a map for those who love original wc3. It enables the players to practice and improve micro. Mission has a couple of difficulty levels. Your initial choice of units depends on it. It is very simple: the player with the best micro wins! 



Pyramid Escape


A team of 12 players enter the pyramid to undergo deadly smart trials. Will you manage to suvive? It depends on your skills! The pyramid waits!



Enfo's Team Survival


This map is a kind of a mix of DotA and Warcraft III. In the beginning of the game you choose a hero. Afterwards, you encounter the waves of creeps. Kill them to gain experience and gold. Buy artifacts and become stronger. Your main task is to survive!



We've seen this before, right? Right! However, the map did introduce something new to the gameplay! Moreover, it is fun.


Tower Defence


Maps of Tower Defence type should be listed separately. There are many of them. Each has its own history and sequence of events. Endless waves of monsters are tirelessly moving along the corridor. Your task is not to let a single monster, otherwise you'll feel pain. Here are some of the brightest maps of this kind:


Green Td


This one is simple: several types of towers you need to upgrade in opposition to monsters willing to pass the corridor.



Legion TD


Cult TD which stole many hours of human lives!



Run Kitty Run


The name speaks for itself: you need to control a kitten (Priestess of the Moon in our case), while trying to dodge enemy attacks. Though it seems simple, the map is rather hard, but very fun!



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#1 us GoodOlJiggly 19 June 2015, 00:46
Hmm, quite surprised Angel Arena isn't in there. I absolutely loved that Custom Game.
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