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Gamescom2015 is one of the biggest gaming festivals that is held in German city Cologne these hot summer days. As usual, it gathers a whole lot of gamers, journalists, publishers, game developers and other people concerned with video games industry. It is easy to get confused because of such a wide variety of interesting things, so we decided to create our own TOP 10 of the best gamescom 2015 trailers.  


10th place: StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

StarCraft II — Legacy of the Void trailer is the 10th on our list. Even though strategy games are not as popular as they were before, such games as StarCraft will always be noteworthy. This time, developers presented a new mode “Allied Commanders”, where gamers will be able to meet trio of the main characters of this story — Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan and Artanis — once again. Additionally, they added new units, including long-awaited “reavers”.



9th place: Dark Souls 3

This Dark Souls 3 trailer shows the game play of one of the hardest and “deadliest” games of our times. Judging by the video’s atmosphere, new game will bring even more cool monsters, epic moments, deaths and broken gamepads of the most emotional players. Even the fact that the main character somehow managed to die three times throughout the trailer tells a lot!


8th place: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Honestly speaking, the new trailer of “parkour simulator” Mirror’s Edge Catalyst hasn’t shown something outstandingly new. It features the same character — Faith, who is running around the city and trying to accomplish different tasks. Developers changed the look of the city itself, it became a lot nicer, and the tricks that Faith can do. Additionally, game works a bit faster and is more focused on chases. It seems that developers paid attention to opinions and complaints of their fans, which is, of course, worth praising.



7th place: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

The new portion of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain videos were brought to this year’s gamescom by KONAMI. This time, a bit worn-out and a little older Solid Snake takes his desirable revenge and saves the world from nuclear annihilation. Developers promise that we will see a new huge world, smart opponents, interesting plot and breathtaking game play there. 



6th place: Mafia 3

Recently released Mafia 3 trailer tells us about the criminal lifestyle of New Orleans in the late 60s. The main character is a soldier that has recently returned from Vietnam and now takes revenge for the death of his friends. Developers promise to keep a few interesting details from the first part of the game and some plot twists from the second one. Also, the companion system is worth mentioning as a separate point. Now players can receive different bonuses for giving gifts away. 



5th place: Forza Motorsport 6

It was difficult to choose between new Need for Speed and an exclusive X-Box game Forza Motorsport, but we decided to choose the last one. Even though we adore crazy car races, photorealism of Forza Motorsport is just incredible, and its game play gives an indescribable feeling that you are inside the car. Also, we are very grateful to the game’s developers for such remarkably beautiful rain and 3D puddles!



4th place: Quantum Break

Another exclusive X-Box game on our list ranks 4th. The shooter, in which you can play with time, doesn’t feel like something new anymore. However, this game is being developed by the Finns from Remedy Entertainment that created such games as Max Payn and Alan Wake. The game play that can be seen in the video looks extremely dynamical and intriguing. The main character controls the time smartly, and uses different interesting skills on the battleground. At the end of the video we got a chance to see his opponents that can do similar tricks. Trust us, the firefights look more than incredible when the time is frozen!


3rd place: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Developers of Tomb Raider, which was released in 2013, have recently started working on the second restart of the game. It turned out extremely successful and outdid all competitors in its genre. New version must bring more tombs and mysteries, better picture and sound, and other interesting things. The plot remains the same: it tells a story of Lara Croft, a good girl that turned into the courageous tomb raider!                                                                                                                



2nd place: Elite

The good old space simulator has something new to offer its fans this year. Developers promise to implement so many things that it seems impossible to enumerate them all. If all of those promises will be kept, Elite can become a game for the whole life, if not more. The video below features breathtaking space fight, while the teaser shows the ability to discover the surface of planets.



1st place: Star Wars Battlefront

It is not the first time DICE guys make a game of their own genre that can be named Battlefield, and once again they manage to achieve an astonishingly beautiful result. The video below shows the civil war between Empire and Rebel Alliance. The trailer itself turned out very dynamical, let alone the appearance of Millennium Falcon that made thousands of fans scream out of happiness!


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