10 vs 10 in Dota 2 Reborn!


Do you remember the mode of All-Stars match at The International 2015? It was epic! Now you can try playing it with your friends! Apart from that, yesterday's update of Dota 2 provides a possibility to play custom game for as much as 24 players!


All-Stars match was one of the brightest events of The International 2015. Apart from disclosure of Ukraine Dendi, who was hiding in the costume of Pudge, funny arguing between the participants of the match and many exciting game moments, the match was remarkable for its mode, which enabled 20 people to play in one game simultaneously. After the update of Dota 2 Reborn client anyone can try the new mode!



All you need to do is to download it in Dota 2 Reborn! It's time to make som chaos! Furthermore the following things were introduced:


  • 24 players can now play a custom game.
  • Custom games can now be played on official servers. Only Overthrow and DOTA 10 vs 10 are supported so far, but the list will be extended.
  • The support of the debag of Lua-scripts is added for Eclipse instruments.
  • Visual indicator, showing if ward can be placed on a particular spot, is added.
  • The distance between the descends at the mid lane is shortened a bit.
  • The locations of the emerge of neutral creeps are updated, as well as the closest trees to make them comply with the map at Source 1.
  • Bug with the choice of the line on mini-map during the choice of the hero is fixed.
  • The screens of couriers and wards choice have become more functional.
  • Parts of a courier can be shown incorrectly in this update (the problem is reported).
  • Capacity during the choice of a hero for players with lots of items is increased.
  • Portraits' "twitching" animation is fixed.
  • The lag of sounds upon reconnection requiring (e.g., due to the loss of packets) is fixed.
  • Particular mistakes of game clients for MAC/Linux are fixed.
  • Panorama, SFM, Hammer instruments' mistakes are fixed and new functions are added.
  • Update size — 863 MB.
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