Na`Vi.1437: 'We are training hard'


It’s good to see team members and staff writing their blogs on a regular basis. It becomes a good tradition. It is twice as good taking into account that both Dota 2 divisions of Na’Vi are involved in the preparation to the International Championship, therefore the players have many things to tell us. This time 1437 has decided to share his impressions of bootcamping. Being a former player, 1437 has recently joined Natus Vincere US team.


His most recent post on the blog excitingly depicts the team’s bootcamp, paying special attention to his emotional perception of the event and the inner life of the team.

Blog quotation:


“The LAN center was about 15-20 minutes away from our home which wasn’t so bad (I could imagine much worse). It was in a big plaza with a small sign “ARENA” above the entrance. Before I entered I was already beginning to judge, but once I got inside I was blown away with what it was like. In the front they have about 20 or so computers where regular customers will come to play and in the back they had an entire section with 6 computers, a large couch, and a wii with Mario kart 8 Korok requested all prepared for us. It was quite amazing actually and I was very impressed with what the guys at the LAN centre did with the place.”




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#1 ph edrilordz 24 June 2014, 12:53
get the aegis back Na'Vi!!! Goodluck guys... ^_^
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