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Yesterday, we celebrated 5th anniversary of Natus Vincere. Today we're celebrating 1 ooo ooo followers of our Facebook page. In order to memorize this moment we've decided to make a very special contest. The winner will obtain Natus Vincere jersey with his or her name on it. This is a unique prize and a great present for New Year.


Participate in contest

Contest terms:

1. Make sure you follow our groups in Vkontakte and Facebook
2. Upload and print a fan's sticker - http://goo.gl/rbg6eH
3. Make selfie with a sticker
4. Post the photo with a sticker on your page in social networks (in your VK album, on your FB page or in Twitter) with a tag #1MLikes
5. Register in a raffle - http://navi-gaming.com/1MLikes/
6. Wait for the contest results on 23 December! 



1 place: unique Na`Vi hoodie and jersey with YOUR name!
2 place: Na`Vi hoodie with an autograph of one of the players
3 place: Na`Vi jersey with an autograph of one of the players

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