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ALL OF THE SUDDEN, Natus Vincere’s Youtube channel has reached the 2000 videos mark. This was possible thanks to the hard work of our reports, editors, players and other organization members, that less than 3 years (the channel was created on October 22nd, 2010) creative a massive amount of high quality content, that’s available for everyone.

So which video became the 2000th, and what are the top 10 popular videos on Natus Vincere’s Youtube channel? The answers for these questions are waiting down below. Hurry up and find out!


Funny enough, but the 2000th video, is a video that has nothing to do with Natus Vincere’s rosters. It’s a moment from the current season of the Starladder league in a match between Fnatic and Power Rangers. 


For the time of existence of our channel, 438 000 people subscribed for it, and the total amount of views is 90 million! Our next goal – 100 000 000 views! And while we are waiting for this number to come, you can help us by watching the most popular videos from the Natus Vincere’s Youtube channel.

The first video in our top 10 list is, how not surprising, Dendi on Pudge (or Pudge on Dendi, whatever you prefer)! A huge butthurt was delivered right into the match between Natus Vincere and Darer in the third season of the SLTV. And Dendi’s opponent on the mid, Storm Spirit, got the most of it. 420 117 views:


On the 9th place we have a video from the category “something went wrong”. The best players on earth show us that they are human beings just like us, and can fail like anyone else in The International 2012. 441 892 views:



The 8th place, with almost half a million views, show us all what happens when you are in the wrong place in the DotA 2 food chain:


On the 7th place we’ve got Dendi, that really didn’t want to give Moscow Five a kill. You can see yourself how Dendi fought and how it ended in a short video that got 493 000 views:



The 6th place is the first video that got over half a million views. Dendi again, Pudge again, the only thing that changed is the meat. This time, the players from coL were the ones to get caught on Dendi’s hook:



Finishing the first half of the list, we have our 5th place. The video with 560 000 views shows how well Natus Vincere performed on The International 2012. Welcome to The International!


On the 4th place we’ve got the only Counter Strike video. Zeus interviews Markeloff and gets 717 000 views:



And we are hitting the top 3! On the 3rd place we’ve got Natus Vincere’s version for the Harlem Shake. 730 000 viewers came to watch how the guys went crazy:



On the 2nd place we have a video fully dedicated to Natus Vincere’s performance on the first event of The International. Almost 900 000 views:



And on the 1st place with over 1 million views, we have Dendi giving a PUDGEALICOUS show in Paris in front of amazed viewers:



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