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Eight teams reached the final part of Heroes of the Storm World Championship — Road to BlizzCon regional qualifiers, but only two of them will advance to the next stage. Our roster got into group A which has been named the group of death, since three out of four teams there are considered to be the favorites to win the tournament. This competition is one of the most important events of this year, which means that all matches will be intense. 




Time (CET) Match Match Pages


International Natus Vincere [2:0] Sweden Pirates in Pyjamas Match Page
  Russian Federation Virtus.pro [2:0] Poland Gamers2  
  Spain Team Liquid [1:2] International Team Dignitas  
  International Team ROCCAT [2:1] International Fnatic  
  International Natus Vincere [2:0] International  Team Dignitas Match Page
  Russian Federation Virtus.pro [1:2] International Team ROCCAT  
  Spain Team Liquid [2:0] Sweden Pirates in Pyjamas  
  Poland Gamers2 [2:1] International Fnatic  
  Spain Team Liquid [1:2] International  Team Dignitas  
  Russian Federation Virtus.pro [1:2] Poland Gamers2  
  International Team ROCCAT [1:3] International Team Dignitas  
  International Natus Vincere [3:0] Poland Gamers2 Match Page
  International Natus Vincere [3:0] International Team Dignitas Match Page



# Team Games Maps
1. International Natus Vincere 2-0 4-0
2. Sweden Pirates in Pyjamas 0-2 0-4
3. Spain Team Liquid 1-1 3-2
4. International  Team Dignitas 1-1 2-3




# Team Games Maps
1. Russian Federation Virtus.pro 1-2 4-4
2. Poland Gamers2 2-1 4-4
3. International Team ROCCAT 2-0 4-2
4. International Fnatic 0-1 1-2




3International Natus Vincere
3International Natus Vincere
WinInternational Natus Vincere
0Poland Gamers2
1International Team ROCCAT
0International Team Dignitas
3International Team Dignitas





Group stage

  • All matches in Best-of-3 format
  • Dual Tournament system
  • Two best-placed teams of each group advance to playoff



  • All matches in Best-of-5 format
  • Classic olympic system, elimination after the first loss
  • Grand-finalists will move on to the next stage



top 1 place — 40 000 $

top 2 place — 24 000 $

top 3 place  — 12 000 $

top 4 place — 12 000 $

top 5-8 places — 3 000 $


Na`Vi.HotS roster


Denmark Alexander Grumstrup  «AlexTheProG»

      SwedenSimon Svensson               «ScHwimpi»         

BulgariaAleksandar Milanov  «ethernal»

Bulgaria Lyubomir Kozlovski    «Splendour»

           FranceJerome Trinh                    «JayPL» 


Participating teams

Sweden Pirates in Pyjamas: Zhiku, Zyfoh, Quackniix, Superkge, Smexystyle

Spain Team Liquid: Blackscorp, Falcon, GranPkt, LucifroN, VortiX

International  Team Dignitas: Bakery, Atheroangel, Snitch, adrd, Zarmony

Russian Federation Virtus.pro: AndyLendi, CEBKAJE, Kunichan, Unnstable, bkbgrnrjefek

Poland Gamers2: Leofromkorea, Nicker, Szychu, Jowe, Baczek

International Team ROCCAT: Socke, HasuObs, ShadowmaRe, Sportbilly, Cris

International Fnatic: Kesil, Lowell, Breez, Wubby, Mene


Map rotation










Prague is a capital of Czech Republic, the administrative center of Middle-Czech region and its districts Prague-East and Prague-West. It has a temperate continental climate with warm summers and chilly winters with little snow. The spring starts in March, whereas autumn ends at the beginning of December.


Prague is one of the most beautiful European cities, and each building there is an architectural masterpiece. Its landmarks include 18 bridges made of stone and iron, connecting two shores of Vltava. The Charles Bridge(Karluv must) is one of the most impressive ones. St. Vitus Cathedral is a great example of gothic architecture that has been build for almost 600 years. The city is full of beautiful fountains. 5 central historical districts of Prague were included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.



О2 Arena in Prague is a huge building which used to conduct different sports and entertainment events. The arena was built in 2004, when Prague hosted Ice Hockey World Cup. Two years after its opening it hosted Euroleague Basketball finals. In November 2012, The Davis Cup was held there. In 2015, participants of Hockey World Cup were performing there. Its overall seating capacity reaches up to 18 000 people. 

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