The battle for the spot at BlizzCon


Today, our Heroes of the Storm squad will play the match in the semifinal of European regional tournament of Heroes of the Storm World Championship. In case of victory, the guys won't only advance to grand-final, but also secure their spot in the next part of the competition. 



20:30 CET

HWC — Europe Championship

Best of 5


 Jerome «JayPL» Trinh France
 Alexander "AlexTheProG" Grumstrup Denmark
 Simon «ScHwimpi» Svensson Sweden
 ALeksandar «ethernal» Milanov Bulgaria
 Lyubomir «Splendour» Kozlovski Bulgaria


Poland Łukasz “Leofromkorea” Mirek       
Poland Piotr “Nicker” Muzolf
Poland Bartosz “Szychu” Kosmacz
Poland Oskar “Jowe” Halamus
Poland Emanuel “Baczekk” Bak



After excellent performance in the group stage, our roster moved on to playoffs where they will encounter the team which will be determined in the matchup between Russian and PolandGamers2. Our guys feel quite comfortable playing against both of them, but anyway, they should be concentrated and do their best to win. Playoff stage is conducted according to classical Olympic system (single-elimination), and it means that every mistake may become the last. As the result, the players from  PolandGamers2 have managed to beat their opponents and advanced out of the group. The Born to Win have won against them in a few recent matches, so there should be no problems this time as well. Let’s cheer for our favorite team and hope that they will show what they really can!  


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