Moose talks about his history and more conducted an interview with Ukraine Natus Vincere's director of photography, Germany Moritz "Moose" Zimmerman. More than 15 questions reveal quite a few details about the past, giving a good overview about Moose's history in eSports. Dota-League, his reasons to join Na'Vi and tips for people who want to get involved in eSports round up the whole interview. Read on to find out the highlights.


When Moose first set a foot into eSports, it wasn't nearly as big as an industry as it is today. With a lot of passion, time and no expectations, he built up one of the most impressive leagues in  DotA history. It wasn't always easy, but putting in a lot of efforts paid off and Moose has set an example for others to follow.


With that much experience and connection in eSports, it was only natural to ask him for advice. When asked about it, he simply answered: "Work your butts off, give everything you can and ask nothing in return. Don't do it for the money, do it because you love it and eventually you will be successful. " That is a simple and clean answer – it sums up everything one has to know.


The interview shines some light on the early beginnings of joinDOTA and how Freaks 4U Gaming got involved. Basically Moose just did what he felt was the right thing. He created something based on his vision, without waiting for teams of designers or coders to back him up. Others saw that potential and trusted him, so people quickly joined.


After eight years he felt like he needed a change and when he had an opportunity to join Na'Vi, it seemed too good to be true, so he accepted. Up to the present he still doesn't regret his choice and he added "that I would almost pay Na'Vi for that" (meaning Na'Vi gives him the space, time and projects he wants).


You can find out more details and the whole interview here.

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