30 facts about The International 2015


The International 2015 is over, the teams went back home, thousands of fans left Key Arena inspired. This tournament will long be remembered, for it has granted many exciting emotions: the glory of victory, the bitterness of loss, the thrill of amazing show and the admiration of the accomplished Dota 2 play. In a couple of years some will recall Dendi in Pudge disguise, and others will think about Aegis, he didn't manage to win for the second time. Anyway that was the tournament!

This article contains 30 interesting facts about The International 2015. You most likely know some of the facts, while you'll definitely find here something new. We suggest reading the whole article, as we've prepared a small contest, the details of which are written in the end. Participate in the contest, enjoy the game!



The most generous community:

There's no secret, that the prize pool of The International 2015 has become the largest in the history of eSports — 18 429 613 $. It is hard to imagine that initial prize was only $ 1 600 000, the remaining sum was added by Dota 2 players, who bought Compendiums and items. 


The show was grandiose:

Opening ceremony of The International 2015 will long be remembered: symphony orchestra, playing our favourite music from Dota 2, outstanding opening video with subsequent representation of teams and the interactive stage with the projection of the map and the ultimate abilities of the team during the matches. 



"We've changed the format once again":

The format changes year after year. Today, few people would remember that initially the group stage contained 4 groups with 4 teams in each. This time the organizers used the format, which was very much alike that of TI 2013 with one exception: bo3 began in the lower brackets only at the second round. It's great to see Valve searching for the best format of the event.


Technical difficulties are inevitable:

Internet connection can crash even in Key Arena. FPS dropped down at several computers and the streams turned off during the championship. Apparantly, it is impossible to avoid such problems at esports tournament, even if it is TI. However, such problems emerged rarely and were solved asap at The International 2015.


Where are you, mighty hero?

To much disappointment of many fans, Valve didn't present Pit Lord at the event (though many expected it will happen similarly to  Techies presentation last year). It is well known that the hero is under development, but apparantly he's not ready. Perhaps, Valve will present it along with some new arcane (e.g. for Zeus).


The work on the custom maps continues:

Valve presented a new feature at The International 2015: the game for 10 people. Surely this mode will be popular, as the game 10 vs 10 turns the map into a real battleground. It's good to see the developers continue working in this direction after Overthrow.


All-Stars without Dendi?

No way! After the announcement of the participant of All-Stars match, many fans were disappointed that no CIS player was there. However, to much astonishment and pleasure of the fans, Ukraine Dendi, in Pudge Pudge costume was among the viewers chosen for the show match 10 vs 10! Valve can make real surprises.



Incredible scale:

The website trackdota.com provided statistics, which showed that 4 600 000 people had been watching the final map of China CDEC Gaming — United States Evil Geniuses match (note that there were lots of people who watched the event with friends or in pubstomp, and they were not counted). During the previous grand final less than 2 000 000 watched the grand final. These stats prove the increase of the game's popularity. Perhaps, 10 000 000 of people will watch the final match at The International 2016.


Does Valve staff love electronic music?

Drude, well known for his Sandstorm, was invited to the closing ceremony of the previous The International. This time deadmau5 was invited. His invitation was predictable, since the set of his tracks had been added to the shop recently. Such choices make us think that Valve employees love this music style.





Not the most successful comeback: 

The comeback of the legendary captain Ukraine Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov to The International wasn't the most spectacular. The last place in the tournament table and $ 50 000 are not what the fans expected.


Pro player again:

This year Ukraine Alexander "DkPhobos" Kucheria returned to professional Dota 2 scene after a long period of inactivity. He managed to take 5-6 places along with Russian Federation Virtus.pro at The International 2015, having defeated one of the tournament's favorites - International Team Secret. "The player is always a player, even if he's not a player" as they say.


Was the choice right?

This year two star player of United States Evil Geniuses — Canada Arteezy и Sweden Zai — decided to leave the team due to the discrepancies with United States ppd and joined International Team Secret. The latter had been the world's leader for a long time. Many fans had predicted top3 (or even top1) at The International 2015. As a result International Team Secret took 7–8 places, while United States Evil Geniuses became the champions. Sweet is revenge.


Worthy end of career?

One of the most "grown-up" Dota 2 players of American region United States Clinton "Fear" Loomis managed to win The International and take Aegis in the end of his pro player career. This might be his last tournament. Anyway, he's unlikely to leave Dota 2. Perhaps he'll continue his career as analyst, caster or coach.



Triumph debut:

Pakistan Said "SumaiL" Hassan has shown the world how a player can successfully get to professional Dota 2 scene and astonish everyone with the results of the debut. This young and evil genius has earned many trophies for less than a year, including first places at Dota 2 Asia Championships (1 200 000 $), Dota Pit League Season 3 (126 000 $) and The International 2015 (6 634 660 $).


The weakest unit?

After a series of unsuccessful performances International Cloud9 decided to reshuffle, saying goodbye to Canada Aui_2000 and Sweden pieliedie. As we see the Canadian is a very good player (the champion's title at The International 2015 being the proof). Meanwhile International Cloud9 took 9-12 places, which is no success at all.


The first twice champion of TI is still vacant:

No one has won The International twice so far. This year one of the most prominent players of China China Zhang "xiao8" Ning, who had won TI 2014 as China Newbee player, was one step away from this outstanding achievement. The beginning of the tournament was very successful for him. However, China CDEC Gaming and United States Evil Geniuses ruined his dream. Well the third place is very good result too.



"Cursed" tournament:

Russian Federation Team Empire failed to achieve good result at The International for the second time: having taken 13–14 place last year and 9–12 place this year. Surely there are teams, which would be happy to achieve this result. However, Russian Federation Team Empire were playing very well for the whole year taking top places. Unfortunately, they face some problems with The International. Let's hope they'll manage to fix it in future.


South Korea to stop Russian expansion?

Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix isn't a top team. However, it prevents Russian team from winning Wild Card. Last year the Koreans defeated Russian Federation Virtus.pro, leaving them beyond the main tournament. This year Russian Federation Vega Squadron was stopped. Furthermore, Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix defeated Russian Federation Team Empire in lower brackets. Perhaps, the Koreans know some secret on how to stop the Russians! They should've shared this vital information with the global community, including International Team Secret!


"Dark horses":

Before the beginning of The International 2015 few people knew about the existence of China CDEC Gaming. They managed to take second place at Chinese qualifiers of TI 2015. However, the situation changed at the tournament. First the guys defeated all the rivals at Wild Card, then they played at the group stage almost perfectly. China CDEC Gaming continued successful performance in the play off and went straight to the grand final in the upper brackets. Only United States Evil Geniuses managed to stop them. This is the most successful debut at The International.



Uncomfortable rivals?

Naturally, every team in Dota 2 has its uncomfortable rival. For example, during the qualifiers in Southeast Asia Korea, Republic of MVP HOT6ix managed to defeat Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix and took place in the main stage. In Chine China EHOME defeated China CDEC Gaming. However, Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix and China CDEC Gaming managed to achieve much more than the winners of the qualifiers. 



Craze in Dota 2:

Dota 2 has its own craze: when a hero shows good performance at The International, many teams try to rethink their strategies and to introduce the new star hero in their builds. Some teams succeed in it, but most fail to make the introduction correctly. The saddest thing is that many players and teams forget the strategies, they'd been preparing during the bootcamp.


After a year-long sleep...

Razor Razor returned to The International 2015. The reason why he became popular once again remains unclear. This year his winrate was about 35 %, the rate wasn't much bigger at the previous TI. By the way, the hero was seldom picked during the year. However, it was very often picked at this TI. It's a kind of magic!



Farm god:

Anti-Mage Anti-Mage remains the quickest hero to earn much gold for the favorite artifacts. There's no surprise, since he's capable of moving around the map extremely quickly, killing hundreds of creeps in his way. Unfortunately, Anti-Mage Anti-Mage is very weak in early battles, so his winrate isn't the biggest.


Popular picks are not always the best:

Dazzle DazzleShadow Fiend Shadow FiendBloodseeker BloodseekerQueen of Pain Queen of Pain became extremely popular at The International 2015. We saw at least one of them almost in every game. However, their winrate is only around 40 %. Surely, some players showed amazing performance playing these hero, but the majority of players didn't succeed in it.


The most successful carry:

Gyrocopter Gyrocopter was often picked at TI 2015 matches. Many of us are tired of him. However, he's undoubtedly very effective. An enormous quantity of kills proves this is a true killing machine. Another hero might've shown better rate, but taking into account the quantity of games, we can surely say that Gyrocopter Gyrocopter is the best.



Not this time...

One of the hardest heroes of Dota 2 — Invoker Invoker — proved everyone, that he's not only very hard to play on, but also very difficult to win with. He was picked 4 times and never won a game.


"We haven't lost, while I'm here":

Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter was the hero, which many teams own an outstanding comebacks! Due to his ultimate ability, which brings much gold for the kills of the heroes, the teams often came over the rival's advantage of as much as 10 000 points! Furthermore, he was very useful in aggressive strategies as well.


"Please remove him from the game!":

This hero is much hated! Recently Canada Aui_2000 created a petition, calling to Valve to remove this hero from the game. Over 20 000 people signed it. The reason is simple: you need to play in an absolutely different way against  Techies than in all other cases. Meanwhile your movements around the map are very limited. The winrate of this miner was close to 90% at The International 2015. As we see,  Techies  provides much trouble even to pro players.



Secret weapon of the victory:

Beastmaster Beastmaster and Lich Lich didn't lose the matches, in which they were picked. However, frankly speaking, the teams wasn't eager to pick them. Maybe they'll be more popular during the next The International. There were more players with 100% winrate, though they were picked only once.



Many of you were watching the matches of The International 2015 very attentively. Did you notice something interesting, which we hadn't mentioned? Participate in the contest!


Write the fact about The International in the comments to this article. If we consider it to be interesting, we'll add it to our list. The authors of the best comment will get the prizes from us!


Hidden fact:

None of the teams picked Rikimaru during the TI! Let's support the hero. The first to write down "where's Ricki?" in the comments will be one of the winners of the contest.

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#1 gb drsnowflake 14 August 2015, 17:19
The Alliance were the only team to have won an International and not re-qualified, Na'Vi, iG and Newbee have made it to every international since they won.
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TI4 DK's squad came to TI5 with 5 different teams, and eliminated at 5 separated days.
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Where's riki?.
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