Wallhack in CS:GO with 3D


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games these days. Therefore people are trying to find ways to get themselves any advantage they can get. Playing the game in 3D can grant a wallhack and the ability to see around corners. Although this advantage is not without cost (drops in performance and refresh rates) it still is a new way to get illegal advantages in the game. New technology often means advancements and enables us to gain advantages. Sometimes these advantages come with a price. The 3D technology is not that new at all but it has ensured that many people can enjoy movies or games in a totally different way. Stereoscopic 3D can have some strange effects on modern games. Most of the games are not prepared to deal with this technology and therefore some changes can be observed from time to time.


The Youtuber 3kliksphilip has created a video which shows how stereoscopic 3D interacts in CS:GO. Being able to see around corners while exposing less of yourself and sometimes being able to see through walls or obstacles are the two big advantages this 3D technology can grant users and CS:GO players.



As stereoscopic 3D uses a seperate image for each of your eyes to create a three-dimensional-view the field of view is increased quite a bit so that one can watch around the corner way before one is able to do so while playing CS:GO in the normal way. This means that one can see enemies, grenades, movements or just nothing a lot earlier which is quite a huge advantage. However, this is not the "worst advantage" the 3D technology grants the user.


Some people might know that CS:GO is loading and unloading in-game scenarios off-screen. As the perspective of the player is changing, some parts of the map and areas are visible when they actually shouldn't be visible. One example would be the possilibility to see right through a barrel although players should not be able to see through. This means that a player has a kind of "wallhack" by just using the 3D technology.


These advantages come with a price though as it is harder to aim and move if CS:GO is running with this 3D technology. The next problem would be the performance drops. The performance and refresh rates will drop significantly so using the technology all game long would not help as the game would not run properly. This is not a huge problem as one could simply create a key binding to simply turn the 3D technology on and off whenever one pleases to do so. It would still mean a change of perspective quite fast which some people couldn't handle. However, this is an easy option to get yourself a significant illegal advantage in CS:GO.


Source: dailydot.com

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