5 important introductions of the upcoming patch


In a week Heroes of the Storm will transfer on the new version of game. Apart from rebalance of the heroes and the fix of mistakes, the patch has introduce many interesting things in the game. Let's get the insight of the most interesting changes.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most painful aspects for the developers of Heroes of the Storm. It's far away from the excellency as of now, though it is developing towards the necessary state. There are 2 aspects of AI, which are questioned. The first is the control of pets and units (e.g. Rexxar's Misha has very strange behavior, the choice of attack aim by the bosses is strange). The second one is the choice of talents by the bots. 


The first problem hasn't been solved yet. However, it seems that they've achieved progress in solving the second problem. From now on, AI will chose the next talent basing on the talents chosen before. It is very important for the fans of Quick matches. In case of connection problems AI will most likely chose the necessary talent.


Loading screens updated


As per moment the loading screen provides little information for the player - the data about the map and loading bar. However, soon the loading screen will contain information about the players (their nicknames, portraits and frames), the heroes and the loading progress. This means that the players will be able to invent a plan for the game during the loading.

Positive and negative effects icons

The position of the icons of the effects cast on a hero has been changed several times over the game's history. They were above the health bar, than on the side, than below. The new patch will change the position again. Part of the icons will be shown on a her's portrait, the others will be below the health bar. The icons of talents, which can be improved over the time now depict the quantity of stacks. 


Training mode

Training mode has been significantly improved, so if you want to learn something, it's time to launch the test module, which will enjoy the introduction of the following features:


  • The map is increased substantially
  • Mercenary camps are added
  • The abilities cooldown is removed
  • An ally can be added or removed anytime.
  • Talents cancel is activated in one click, the level of hero is chosen by the slider
  • A mannequin has been added. It is used as an aim. After it is hit, the detail statistics is shown: the attack damage, damage per second, the total damage.


Improved graphic effects

Graphics and game physics has been improved. It will be easier to determine, whether the heroes are the aims of the rival's buildings. Graphic effects and mercenary's animation have been been optimized. Kharazim's animation and Uther's armor physics have been improved. A number of abilities now look better. Some skins have received renewed abilities effects, which fit the skins better. 

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