Natus Vincere celebrates anniversary


Today, 17 November, eSports club Natus Vincere turns 5 years! Not only do we want to share this awesome news with you, but we also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the fans of Na`Vi, who have been supporting our team during this period. We've witnessed both ups and downs, astonishing victories and unpredictable defeats. Many people have joined our team, some of them left it, but they always remain a part of our friendly family.




  • December 2009: The history of Natus Vincere begins this moment. 5 talented players unite under the guidance of a manager Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kohanovsky. Gaining financial support of Arbalett, the Ukrainians begin their way to the world's fame.


  • October 2010: Natus Vincere announces the creation of Dota-division. In the beginning the community blames the organization for destroying a popular team DTS. Nobody could predict then, that one of the most successful teams in the history of eSports was born in this way.


  • August 2011: Dota 2 squad of the Born to Win participates in unique tournament The International with a 1 600 000$ prize pool and wins it.


  • June 2013: Natus Vincere make a very controversial decision by creating a female squad for Dota 2. However due to the poor development of women's Dota scene, the team had to be disbanded.


  • July 2013: due to the increasing popularity of the world of tanks, the Ukrainian organization creates its tankers' team. The squad showed impressive results. It hadn't been defeated for a long time, until this fall.


  • August 2013: CS:GO squad underwent serious changes that stroke both the team and its fans. Edward and Markeloff left the team. Having beaten all the records, the legendary team became the part of the history.


  • June 2014: Na`Vi is expanded westward, by announcing the opening of US squad. Young perspective team North American Rejects, which has gained regional qualifications to The International, represents Ukrainian organization at TI4.


  • August 2014: controversial performance at The International 4 and protracted strike of defeats resulted in the breakup of the Dota 2 squad. Though Ukrainian players remained in the squad, Kuroky and Puppey had to leave it.


  • December 2014: Natus Vincere office for the sixth time moves to another location. This time the organization will enjoy 2 floors with office, studio and bootcamp location for all the squads.


Which moments are the most memorable for you? Share with us in the comments below!

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