Dota 7.02 is now Live!

Hot on the heels of the special Dark Moon event comes the 7.02 Dota 2 Gameplay Update. This update is the second patch we’ve seen since two months into the release of the version 7 meta. While the previous 7.01 update focused more on the tweaks of in-game interfaces, such as the Shop interface, Hero HUD layouts, and hotkey support, this 7.02 focuses on small balance adjustments to the gameplay that covers modifications to the terrain, Shrines, heroes, and items.

Terrain Changes

Most of the changes featured in this patch are on the Dire side. More trees are planted around dire towers for better incoming TP coverage, and small adjustments are made to the camp spots of the Dire neutral creeps. The Dire secondary jungle ancients and medium camp spots were swapped and further adjusted. The spawn boxes of Dire camps were improved, reduced in sizes, and adjusted so that they would not be blocked by Dire ward spots.
Speaking of wards, the Dire ward spot to the left of the Ancients no longer gives vision to the rune spawn location in front of Roshan’s pit. The most obvious change to the wards, however, is the Fog of War simulator that now shows the area around the  Observer Wards that will be revealed. This is vastly different from the circle of sight we used to have previously, because this Fog of War takes into account the terrain height. This simulator is a big boost to ward placements as the Fog simulates the potential blockages from trees and obstacles as well. There is no excuse for poor ward placements now.
 Sentry wards now join the Observer wards in their packs-of-one promotion, instead of the buy-two bundle they used to come in. Sentry wards are now being sold for 100 gold per ward, and this new affordable individual pack can mean great devastation for warding/de-warding and heroes that rely on invisibility (such as Riki Riki, Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter, Broodmother Broodmother, Treant Protector Treant Protector) in the early game.

Shrine Vulnerability

Remember how Shrines used to be only vulnerable after all T2 towers have fallen? That’s changed now. Shrines are made more vulnerable as they can be attacked after a T3 tower dies- even the Shrines inside the bases. This change in vulnerability will greatly affect hero movements around the map after a T3 tower fall, as this adjustment seems to encourage the wrecking (or protecting) Shrines. The role of Shrines in this new meta is further cemented with this update, and we can continue to expect interesting strategies from forming that involves this new structure.

The wolves have joined Captains Mode & Heroes Update

Good news for Lycan Lycan-lovers! Banehallow of the lost house Ambry has now been added to Captains Mode. There are also small adjustments to Lycan’s stats (agility gain reduced from 1.5 to 1.0) and Talent Tree (Level 15 Talent option from -20s to -25s Respawn Time). However, the adjustments to Lycan are just few of many. Update 7.02 mainly adjusts the Hero Talent Tree, with some balancing of skills and hero stats. The full list of hero adjustments and other changes can be found here at the Dota 2 blog. 

Item Changes

The list of item changes in this update is attached below in alphabetical order for your convenience:
  •  Battle Fury Radius from 280 to 300, Distance from 520 to 570.
  •  Blademail damage return no longer spell lifesteals off of returned damage.
  •  Bloodthorn cooldown from 11 to 13.
  •  Dragon Lance agility from 14 to 13.
  •  Heaven's Halberd maim chance from 24% to 35%, cooldown from 30 to 22.
  •  Helm of the Dominator All Stats from 6 to 4, Helm of the Dominator creeps now give a constant 125 gold bounty.
  •  Regen Rune and  Aegis expiration regen now have the same damage dispel rules as Healing Salve.
  •  Sange maim chance from 24% to 30%.
  •  Sange and Yasha Greater Maim chance from 30% to 35%.
  • Shadow Walk damage for  Silver Edge from 225 to 200.
  •  Solar Crest Armor from 10 to 12 (same for transferring to Ally/Enemy).
  •  Tome of Knowledge additional XP per used Tome from 100 to 135.
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