Dota 2 v7.03 analyzed


Today marks the release of yet another Dota 2 update,  version 7.03, this time named Blade Form Legacy. The update brought with it many different changes; we are going to speak about them, and analyse the most important ones in here.
First of all, the non-gameplay side of the update brought with it the long-awaited Juggernaut Juggernaut arcana that changes animation for loadout, alternative run, teleport, and victory. It also brings a custom kill effect that triggers after a lethal crit or Omnislash, or on Triple Kills and higher; new effects for crits, Blade Fury and Omnislash, as well as a Dragon Spirit ancestor to aid the Juggernaut in times of need; altered voice, custom hero portrait, and custom dragon spirit emoticon.
Aside from that, the players have also got a fully redesigned Captains’ mode draft stage HUD where players can suggest picks and ban heroes, swap captain role and enjoy the added benefits of strategy time. And ultimately, we get the most requested remodel awaited - new  Jakiro Jakiro has finally come along with this update.
Juggernaut Arcana spotlight by DotaCinema

General Changes

  • Monkey King was added to Captain’s mode, and we are eager to see his potential in competitive games. 


  • The XP required to progress from level 1 to 6 was increased by 15% or 300 XP total, so now ulties are going to come a bit later later in the match, specially for supports, thus potentially decreasing the amount of early team fights we witnessed in Kiev Major Qualifiers.


  • XP required to go from level 9 to 13 has been redistributed from 700/720/740/1200 to 800/820/840/900: it is still the same total XP, but lower levels will now take longer, and higher levels - less to reach. This might also limit some heroes’, specially supports’, usefulness early on, such as Ogre, who needs to max off his Fireblast to make the most use of his ulti.


  • AoE hero kill Gold and XP bounties reduced by 10% (including comeback gold and XP); this likely won’t have a huge effect during the laning phase, but will be quite noticeable during team fights and multiple kills.


  • Tier 1 team bounty reduced from 160 to 120


  • Passive gold income reduced by 10%; again, the change that will really hurt the supports, as passive income is, most of the time, their only steady income


  • Reduced lane melee creeps base gold bounties by 2


  • Increased lane melee creeps gold bounty per upgrade cycle by 1; this compensates the effect of the reduced bounty after the first 7 and a half minutes.


  • Reduced lane range creeps gold bounty per upgrade cycle by 1, a 1 gold difference per upgrade cycle won’t really make a difference. It is basically 15 gold lost per upgrade cycle.


  • Shrines’ base HP regen reduced from 120 HP/sec to 100. This amounts to a total of 100 HP over the 5 seconds; this would have greater effect at the early stages of the game.


  • All towers’ base armor reduced by 4. Towers will go down faster now when a single enemy player is split pushing.


  • Towers now gain 2 armor per nearby enemy player within 1200 AoE; this is significant as a 5 man tower push would increase the tower armor by 10 - 6 more than it was in the previous versions. But of course, this won’t have a huge effect if 5 heroes are pushing a tower due to their firepower.


  • Tier 1 Tower HP increased from 1300 to 1400. This is basically to account for the effect of the -armor; even though armor is better than HP, this would help the tower survive a couple more of catapult hits.


  • Scan cooldown reduced from 270 seconds to 210. That is a full one minute reduction; even though scan is rarely used in pubs, in high ranked and competitive game, this might be a game changer.


  • Ranked All Pick hero selection time reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds - less time to think about the hero you want to solo carry your team with.
Jakiro remodel spotlight by DotaCinema

Item Changes

Now we will mention the most important item changes in our opinion.

 Blight Stone: No longer available in the side shop. This would prove to be drastic, as now carries will have to wait for the courier to bring it, thus limiting their harassment early on, especially on ranged heroes. It will also limit the capability of a support hero getting it to harass. After getting the early wards and courier, support heroes usually wait for the passive gold income and get Blight Stone from the shop to harass if needed.


 Echo Sabre: No longer slows attack speed. Each Echo Sabre double attack used to slow the enemy movement and attack speed by 100% for 0.6 seconds, but now that the attack speed is no longer slowed, heroes that used to barely survive a 1v1 with the help of Echo Sabre, will now re-evaluate their decision.


 Helm of the Dominator: Reduced All Stats modifier from +4 to +2 and recipe cost increased from 725 to 800. One could guess guess this item would be bought even less now in games.


 Moon Shard: Can now be cast on allied heroes. This is an important change; as the game progresses, 6-slotted carries will amass a huge amount of gold (Alchemist anyone?). This will help them buy a Moon Shard for their teammates. Also, if you can afford to help out your carry who’s not doing too well, but would still put more attack speed to good use, you can buy this item for them if you’re a well-off support or even a core.


 Necronomicon: Cooldown reduced from 95 to 90. That’s not a very impactful change, but it is worth noting that you might see pushes coming along with Necronomicon 5 seconds sooner from now on.


 Rod of Atos: Cast range increased from 1000 to 1150. We rarely see this item bought, but when it is, it is used for initiation or catching an enemy off-guard. Now it can also be used to catch fleeing enemies before they get the chance to move really far as many enemies used to exit the 1000 range way before the caster got a chance to cast Rod of Atos.


 Teleport Scroll: Cooldown increased from 70 to 80 - less teleporting around the map. The enemy will now also have 10 more seconds before you get the chance to TP and defend a tower.


Hero Changes

Next follow the important hero changes.
Abaddon Abaddon: Aphotic Shield manacost rescaled from 100/105/110/115 to 115, and level 25 Talent increased from +200 Aphotic Shield Health to +300. Abaddon now won’t be able to spam his Aphotic Shield as early, and will make his teammates survive 100 more damage. Considering it is on level 25, 100 added survivability against a 300 DPS carry is pretty much not very helpful.
 Arc Warden: Magnetic Field manacost rescaled from 110 to 80/90/100/110, and Tempest Double duration increased from 12/14/16 to 14/16/18, as well as level 25 Talent increased from +175 Spark Wraith Damage to +250. Arc Warden will now spam his Magnetic Field earlier more And last but not the least, 75 more magic damage on Spark Wraith won’t be of much importance late game unless you had the chance to place many. And as the hero tends to build armor over magic resistance, the usefulness of this spell won’t degrade as the game progress, unless in some specific situations.
Batrider Batrider: Level 25 Talent increased from +200 Flamebreak AoE to +300. A wider area will now get affected, but as with most abilities, by level 25 the game would be in its late stages and won’t be of extreme usefulness. 
Broodmother Broodmother: Level 15 Talent increased from +250 Health to +325, Level 20 Talent increased from +50 Attack Speed to +70, Level 20 Talent increased from +8 Spiders Attack Damage to +12. Black Arachnia can now opt to survive more by level 15 and by level 20 it can choose to get higher attack speed or more spiders damage. This will mostly likely depend on the game, as a team-fighting Brood would make much more use of the attack speed, but a pushing Brood would really need that +4 damage on each spider, or +40 on each attack from 10 spiders combines - seeing a Broodmother with 10 spiders and more is very common.
Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner: Base armor reduced by 1 and Scepter Stampede damage reduction reduced from 60% to 50%. We have seen what an Aghs Centaur can do during the Kiev Major qualifiers, and cutting the damage reduction by 10% won’t really change the hero’s item build as 10% on 200 is just 20 more damage but it might help you kill the enemy team a little faster.
 Ember Spirit Ember Spirit: Level 10 Talent reduced from +12% Spell Amplification to 10%, Level 10 Talent increased from +20 Damage to +25, Level 20 Talent increased from +8 Armor to +10, Level 20 Talent changed from +15% Cooldown Reduction to +500 Flame Guard Absorption, Level 25 Talent changed from +500 Flame Guard Absorption to +20% Cooldown Reduction. After the recent hero success, this comes at no surprise. 2% less magical damage or an added 5 damage at level 1 will now make it harder for Embers to decide whether to go magical or physical build.
+500 Flame Guard absorption at level 20 instead of 25 is significant, and this is done to make the hero survive earlier, Ember can now take a full level 3 Finger of Death from Lion and still feel nothing a lot earlier in the game. The removal of +15% cooldown reduction at level 20 and the addition of 20% cooldown reduction at level 20 instead of the 500 Flame Guard absorption will now make Embers pick either +2s on Searing Chains or 20% smaller cooldown which will limit their capability to keep you in Searing Chains.
Enchantress Enchantress: Base movement speed increased from 335 to 340, Level 15 Talent changed from +10s Nature's Attendants Duration to +7 Nature's Attendants Wisps, Level 20 Talent increased from +12% Magic Resistance to +15%, Level 25 Talent changed from +12 Nature's Attendants Wisps to Enchant Affects Ancients. The +7 wisps will help both Enchantress and her teammates heal much faster, and thus push faster;  however, +12 wisps on level 25 are not as good as having a couple of Ancients helping you annihilate the enemies.
Huskar Huskar: Level 25 Talent increased from +400 Life Break Cast Range to +500. Huskar can now cast Life Break from larger distance or catch you with it when you try to flee, also, multiple range heroes would be now in his Life Break range  while they’re attacking him.
Juggernaut Juggernaut: Healing Ward bounty increased from 25 Gold to 75 Gold and XP. Juggernaut players will now have to micro control the Healing Ward or they risk giving up unneeded 75 gold and XP. 
Keeper of the Light Keeper of the Light: Mana Leak duration reduced from 5/6/7/8 to 4/5/6/7, Mana Leak manacost increased from 150 to 160. This seems minimal, but countless times people have lost their last drip of mana and got stunned during the last second; also, 10 mana is insignificant for Keeper of the Light but it still limits the amount of times he will spam this spell early on.
Legion Commander Legion Commander: Level 25 Talent changed from +25% Cooldown Reduction to -8s Press The Attack Cooldown. Now instead of having 25% cooldown reduction on every spell Legion has, which pretty much made Duel a little bit imbalanced, Tresdin will be able to cast Press the Attack each 5 seconds, instead of each 10 seconds with the previous +25% Cooldown reduction.
Lone Druid Lone Druid: Base damage reduced by 4, Rabid cooldown increased from 30 to 45, Level 15 Talent reduced from +55 Damage to +50 Damage. Less damage overall in talents and base damage. But the most important change is that now Rabid will take 15 more seconds, or 50% more time than its current cooldown time, to be ready again
 Monkey King: Jingu Mastery buff now has a max duration of 35 seconds, Tree Dance night vision reduced from 800 to 400, Wukong's Command duration rescaled from 13/14/15 to 13. You can’t just hold the Jingu Mastery buff and search for a support to use it from now on, as it is limited to 35 seconds. Less night vision on Tree Dance will limit Monkey King’s ability to gank or catch enemies off guard from a top of a tree. And 2 seconds less of having to deal with the copies of himself that he spawns.


Puck Puck: Base damage increased by 3, Level 15 Talent increased from +15% Magic Resistance to +20%, Level 15 Talent increased from +40 Damage to +50, Level 25 Talent increased from +300 Gold/Min to +420. Puck will now be able to farm a little bit better early on. The +420 gold per min will now help Faerie Dragon build more items later, when usually the hero falls off in game, but again, level 25 is a long shot away.
Pudge Pudge: Meat Hook speed reduced from 1600 to 1450, Meat Hook no longer pulls invulnerable heroes. More time to realize the hook is coming for you and move, as well as no longer pulling you if invulnerable (Eul’s Scepter will save you).
Pugna Pugna: Pugna Level 10 Talent increased from +150 Health to +225, Pugna Level 15 Talent changed from +12 Strength to -1s Netherblast Cooldown, Pugna Level 15 Talent increased from -25s Respawn Time to -35s. At level 10 Pugna will become a little more able to survive in team fights. At level 15 Pugna will be able to hit you with 325 magical damage each 4 seconds instead of 5 this is more logical as +12 strength wasn’t really making him much tankier.
Queen of Pain Queen of Pain: The most important change in Queen of Pain is Level 25 Talent changed from -3s Shadow Strike Cooldown to Removed Shadow Strike Cooldown. Queen of Pain will now be able to slow and damage everyone in later stage of the games.
Razor Razor: Level 10 Talent increased from +15 Movement Speed to +20, Level 10 Talent increased from +10 Agility to +15, Eye of the Storm Scepter now hits Shrines instead of ignoring them. Razor can now use his ulti to get rid of Shrines solo and quickly.
Rubick Rubick: Attack Range reduced from 600 to 550, limiting Rubick’s ability to harass heroes without being in the danger zone.
Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend: Level 25 Talent changed from -7s Shadow Raze Cooldown to +125 Shadow Raze Damage. Again level 25 is pretty late but this is a nerf, as Shadow Fiend used to be able to hit a Raze each 3 seconds, thus more dealing more damage compared to the +125 Shadow Raze damage. But in later stages, where enemies tend to be faster, and in some special situations, dealing more damage in one Raze is better than missing the Raze after 3 seconds.
Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman: Base armor increased by 1, Base attack range reduced from 500 to 400, Base attack damage increased by 18, Level 10 Talent increased from +15 Movement Speed to +20, Level 10 Talent increased from +150 Health to +175. Also Shadow Shaman can no longer harass from a safe distance especially with the - armor now as he is more squishy, but in case he does get an attack off, it is 18 more damage now.
Slardar Slardar: Slithereen Crush stun duration reduced from 1.5/1.75/2/2.25 to 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0, Corrosive Haze duration reduced from 25 to 18. 7 seconds less on Corrosive Haze is now quite impactful, as you will have 7 less seconds to know where the enemy is. Besides Slardar used to be able to have it on most of the enemy team at the same time during later game stages, now he can barely get it on 3 at the same time, but usually he only have it on 1 to be able to kill them fast, even more so that now the team will have less time to kill them fast.
 Techies: Proximity Mines damage rescaled from 225/400/575/750 to 150/350/550/750. Much less damage early on, will make the mines less scary, as well make Techies not as able to flash farm using mines.
Treant ProtectorTreant Protector: Eyes In The Forest cooldown increased from 25 to 35, Nature's Guise fade delay rescaled from 6/5/4/3 to 7/6/5/3. Treant will now stay invisible for smaller time and will take much more to ward your whole jungle.
 Visage: Level 10 Talent increased from +25% XP Gain to +30%, Familiars HP rescaled from 300/500/700 to 400/550/700. Visage Familiars now survive a little bit more earlier.

Our support DenmarkMalthe "Biver" Winther expressed his opinion on the new patch:

“I have yet to play any games on the new patch, but I am very excited to dive in and learn it! My first impression is that split pushing received a buff, and I’m unhappy because of the nerfs to Rubick and Keeper of the Light. I think that the Juggernaut Arcana looks a bit ridiculous :D.
Monkey King is kind of a special pick, very dependent on the lineup and the player obviously. I still haven't figured out how to play with and against this hero completely :)”


Visit the official Bladeform Legacy update page for the complete changelogs.


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