Ask me Anything #3: Yozhyk

We are glad to present the third edition of our column Ask me Anything, featuring UkraineYevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk. We've received numerous questions from the fans in the comments. We chose the best of them and our champion was glad to answer them.
This edition has much information about the training process of UkraineYozhyk, his plans, new videos, which will be soon published on YouTube-channel, and many other things. Don't waste your time - read the answers!
— How one can succeed in competitive FIFA? What should person begin with? Which tournament should he participate in?
— You should begin performing at online tournaments and small LAN-tournaments in your local city or a city close to you. There are many website, where you can demonstrate your performance: ESL, Gfinity, FIFAgc, etc. Then you need to search for the announcements of the qualifiers of the cool national or international tournaments. Try winning there. And then it goes.
— How do you estimate your current playing form? Did you feel more confident in FIFA 11?
— Currently I am gradually reaching the best form in FIFA15. Only two weeks have passed after the tournament in China, where I had to play a completely different game — FIFA Online 3. It doesn't matter which FIFA version I am to play. Give me PES and tell me that in a month I'll have to participate in a very large tournament. Football is my life. I have a deep notion of it. The main features of the simulator can be studied within a couple of months. Next your idea, understanding of football, psychology and experience play role.
— Apart from IET are there other international LAN-tournaments of FIFA? If there are any, why don't you participate in them?
— Yeah, sure. A cool series of tournaments at Gfinity was launched. I will start playing in qualifiers to try getting to the LAN-finals. The only disadvantage is Xbox One playing platform. I don't like Xbox gamepad, I prefer PlayStation. However, I'll try getting used to it as I am aspired to play. Additionally I'm waiting for the autumn, when the world's championship ESWC will be held. I'll try getting there via qualifiers.
— How much time per day do you spend training? Tell us about your training process.
— I usually play an hour or two per day. It provides the opportunity to retain gaming form. If I stream, which I do twice per week, I spend 3-4 hours playing. However I do not play every day. I have weekend, leisure time and entertainment. If I prepare to a tournament, I spend the last week before it playing 4-5 hours per day in order to achieve the necessary form and train the accuracy of the actions.
— Why do you thing the Chinese still play FIFA with keyboards?
— You must have misunderstood something. Most Chinese play with gamepads, as we do. All my rivals at IET used gamepads from Xbox 360. FIFA Online 3 requires keyboard and mouse to control the squad and do the management in the game. That's why you might have thought that they use these devices to play. Some players do use keyboard, but there are few of them.
— Do you plan to make a guide on handling analog stick (not d-pad)?
— Not. There's nothing to teach. The difference between the analog stick and d-pad is that the stick has 360 degrees of action, while the d-pad has only the angles of 45, 90, etc.
— If you weren't  a professional footballer, what game position would you choose? Why?
Attacking midfielder. I like to play in attack. I like both scoring goals, and passing ball. I'd rather make a splendid pass than score goal.
— When will we see your "Wager-matches"? You haven't played with Acool. Are you going to play a return match? 
— I think that in a week or two we'll return to Wagers at my channel. Only 2 weeks passed after Chine, I'm still getting used to FIFA 15. The beast is vulnerable! Surely, Wager-matches are for fun first of all, but I must show beautiful high quality football.

—  What is your attitude to Kefir and Creative?
My attitude is normal, as well as to other FIFA-content producers. I don't know Creative personally. I've known Kefir for a while. There's no surprise, as we are the only creators of content in the CIS, who came to YouTube from eSports. We met at the tournaments and communicated.
— Do you plan meeting your fans in Kyiv soon?
— I first need to meet them in Lviv (one of the main and most beautiful cities of Ukraine, Yevhen's native city - translator's note). They asked to arrange a kind of a meeting. We might invent something in summer!
— Do you follow football matches? Which team do you support?
— I surely do! I watch the games of English Premier League, Spanish Primera División, and Ukrainian Championship from time to time. I always watch the matches of Champion's League and Europa league. I don't miss the matches of  European Championship and Mundial. First of all I support my native FC Karpaty Lviv. As concerns foreign teams, I support Liverpool.


— Which city do you dream to visit?

— Rio de Janeiro.
— Who will win Champions League?

— «Barcelona».
— Who is your favorite footballer?

— None.
— What is the most complicated match in your career?

— Perhaps, it was semifinal of WCG2012 against Deto.
— What is your favorite movie?

— It's hard to tell. Let is be "Inception".
The third edition of Ask me Anything column is over. Leave your comments. Don't forget to name the player, you wish to ask the question to.
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