Born to Win: Retrospective

Na`Vi became a popular organization due to a splendid five of CS players. Dota and WoT squads emerged later. There were times, when our CS team played the first roles, never lost and enjoyed the greatest quantity of titles. After the transfer to CS:GO, the team list its positions. However, it is now regaining its former level of performance. On the eve of the new tournaments, we offer you to remember the past and watch the best moments of the players of our team.


Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin


Joined Natus Vincere in 2013 



seized is one of a few players in our community, who has a vast experience of performance in Counter-Strike professional teams. He started his path by playing Counter-Strike 1.6 as many other players. Before joining Natus Vincere he mostly played in Russian teams. He is a universal player, who can perform great in any role. He joined Natus Vincere in July 2013 along with kibaken, who later left the squad


Movie about seized's Counter-Strike 1.6 performances:



Movie about seized's  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive performances:



Russian Federation Egor "flamie" Vasiliev


Joined Natus Vincere in 2015



After starix had acquired a manager's position, it was most important for Natus Vincere to find the replacement for him as soon as possible. A young player flamie, who refused a contract with HellRaisers, fit our team perfectly. Notwithstanding his young age, Egor's level of performance overcomes performance level of many players, who have been on CS scene for many years now.


Movie about flamie's CS:GO performances with HellRaisers:



Movie about flamie's CS:GO performances with USSR:



Ukraine Ioann "Edward" Suharev


 Player of Natus Vincere since 2009



The main bearded man of the team. He's been in Natus Vincere since 2009. He's become an icon of our organization as well as Zeus. Ioann hasn't lost his aspiration over the years. He's most spectacular as he crushes the enemies with his weapon.


Movie about Edward's performances of CS 1.6:




Movie about Edward's performances of CS:GO:



Slovakia Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs


Joined Natus Vincere in 2013 



Foreign players rarely join CIS teams, in which all the players are Russian-speaking. However, Ladislav Kovacs, who was born in Bratislava and is a citizen of Slovakia, became known in Russia. was his starting point. Surely, before VP, he played CS 1.6, and CS:S in TCM and 3D-MAX. These teams were powerful at professional scene. However, he was invited to Natus Vincere only after he had demonstrated great performance in VP. At the time Natus Vincere needed a sniper due to the leave of Egor Markelov.


Movie about Guardian's performance of  CS:S:



Movie about Guardian's performance of CS:GO:



Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko


Player of Natus Vincere since 2009



Do you imagine Na`Vi without Zeus? Well, we don't. The captain of Natus Vincere, the team's leader and main support has achieved much progress beyond esports. Daniil can't imagine his life without a gym. So the eSportsmen are just like ordinary people. They try to have a healthy way of life and don't limit themselves to the video games.


Movie about Zeus' performance of  CS 1.6:



Movie about Zeus' performance of CS:GO:



Movie about team's results of 2014 season:


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