DreamHack '14 IC Report


Alongside our CS:GO team, for the first time on a tournament (LAN tournament), our players from Infinite Crisis are participating. We have tried to say as much as possible about this game previously (information is available in the report).
The team will be having a show match with Dignitas here, on DreamHack. We will inform you of the results in this report.
Update #1: Show match will be done as follows. Total prize fund ($12,500) will be divided in 6 (number of games). Therefore, each game will have about $2000 prize fund.
Update #2: JU7SU participated in an amateur tournament, where he and the rest of guys won $3000.
Update #3: Second day for Na'Vi.IC ended better than the first. Guys lost fourth map (the score then was 0:4), but they then focused and won the other two. Show matches are over, and the final score is: Na'Vi 2: 4 Team Dignitas.

Show match


SHow match
Team 1


Team 2
Natus Vincere.IC 2:4 Dignitas
Match #1: 0:1 
Match #2: 0:1
Match #3: 0:1
Match #4: 0:1 
Match #5: 1:0 
Match #6: 1:0 

Game livestream (including amateur tournament)



DreamHack Summer 2014 Infinite Crisis. General information

  • Tournament name: DreamHack Summer Infinite Crisis Exhibition
  • Tournament dates:  15-16.06.2014
  • Tournament format: Show match, two teams battling
  • Teams particiapting: Natus Vincere vs Team Dignitas
  • Prize fund: 12 500$
  • Place: DreamArena Extreme 


DreamArena Extreme


About Infinite Crisis

  • What is Infinite Crisis: A mix of RPG and strategy, an exciting game based on DC Comics universe. Two teams of heroes and villains of DC fight on different fields of battle, where catastrophic and game-changing events are happening. Players of all skill levels in IC are given a large number of familiar and changed champions, regular updates, and an exciting storyline of DC Multiverse. Command the largest number of game heroes or villains, represented in DC Comics – from Batman to Joker, from Wonder-Woman to Doomsday. Play with champions from 52 DC Multiverse – heroes and villains born on postapocalyptic Earth, or which came alive in nightmares of alternative steampunk reality.
  • Genre: multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertaiment
  • Team size: 5х5
  • Official websiteInfinite Crisis
  • Register and download the gameCreating an account
  • Maps: There are three maps with different play styles in Infinite Crisis. If you prefer fast matches with big fights, or long battles with lots of tactics, or, perhaps, everything together – you will always find a map which will suit you in Infinite Crisis.


Champions (heroes) of Infinite Crisis


Aquaman Arcane GreenLantern Atomic GreenLantern Atomic Poison Ivy Atomic Wonder Woman Atrocitus
Batman Blue Beetle Catwoman Cyborg Doomsday Flash
Gaslight Batman Gaslight Catwoman Gaslight Joker Green Arrow GreenLantern Harley Quinn
Joker Mecha Superman Mecha Wonder Woman Nightmare Batman Nightmare Superman PoisonIvy
Robin Shazam Sinestro Star Sapphire Superman Wonder Woman


Official trailer


Infinite Crisis - "What Do You Fight For?"


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