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Kingston Technology announces the beginning of the tournament HyperX Trilogy Tour Dota 2 with a prize pool of 12 500 USD. Gamers of Turkey, Russia and Ukraine will participate in it. The registration is open 1-15 November 2014. The winning team will gain a prize of 7000 USD. The winner teams will gain 3 500 USD for second place, 2 000 USD for third place and 5 gamer HyperX Cloud headsets for the fourth place.
Dota 2 fans will gain an opportunity to fight at the online tournament HyperX Trilogy Tour, organized by HyperX for the gamers of Turkey, Ukraine and Russia. The registration is open 1-15 November 2014 Kingston.e-cups.org.Любители игры Dota 2 смогут сразиться, не выходя из дома, в онлайновом HyperX Trilogy Tour, организованном HyperX для геймеров из Турции, Украины и России. Регистрация на турнир открыта на Kingston.e-cups.org с 1 по 15 ноября 2014.

The tournament will include two stages. The first stage is qualifiers to determine the best players in each country. The winning teams will fight for the main prize in Grand Final. See the schedule of Trilogy Tour and the 12 500 USD prize pool division below:

HyperX Trilogy Tour Schedule: 

1-15 November: Registration
16-19 November: Qualifiers — Russia
20-23 November: Qualifiers — Ukraine
24-27 November: Qualifiers — Turkey 
02-16 December: Grand Final

HyperX Trilogy Tour Prizes:

 place - $7,000 
 place - $3,500
 place - $2,000 
 place - 5 gamer HyperX Cloud headsets

HyperX in social networks:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingstonUa
YouTube*: https://www.youtube.com/HyperXRU
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More details on tournament: 
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