Jetradar sponsors Natus Vincere


Jetradar, known in Russia and CIS as Aviasales, has become the first Natus Vincere non-endemic sponsor. While our media content will include the new sponsor's data, Jetradar will take care of our logistics providing the best flights for our players and staff. The sponsorship of a company outside the gaming business is a big step forward for both Na`Vi and eSports towards the establishment of the industry. Our line-ups participate in many tournaments all over the world throughout the year. This requires to spend much time flying around the globe. We are sure that with the help of Jetradar, our logistics will become more efficient in terms of management and expenditures.


Natus Vincere CEO Ukraine Yevhen Zolotarev:
"We are glad to have Aviasales as a partner. This company has been setting an example for many years how important for a business to react immediately to changes, how to use different communication channels, socialise with the audience in layman's terms and provide the highest level of services. Due to this partnership, our team is meant to win easier"
Aviasales VP Mobile Products Russian Federation Ivan Kozlov:
"We have been observing eSports industry for a few years by collecting and analysing data, communicating with participants and testing a new market. As a result, we have decided to complete an agreement with the world’s leader among eSports clubs NA`VI. Companies have one common thing — both Aviasales and Na`Vi know what leadership, experiments and speed mean. Besides, eSports gamers are those who use online services. Traditional Fed Cup has a strict schedule for the whole 2017 which was made even last year.
However, if eSports team wins the competition, they must be ready at any time, for instance, to fly to Shanghai for LAN-tournament. In this regard, it is necessary to buy tickets and book a hotel instantly. It is clear such things are online. And Aviasales appreciates that players and their fans have everything online — sports, communication, tickets. We see great potential in eSports industry and for this reason want to take part in early stages of its establishment and development."

About Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere (lat. – Born to win) is a multi-gaming eSports club which occupies a leading position on the world stage. The organisation was founded in December 2009. The first great achievement was winning the Counter-Strike competition at Intel Extreme Masters 4 in Cologne, Germany in 2010. That success lifted the team and they confidently continued winning tournament after tournament including the ESWC 2010 and WCG 2010. Winning those tournaments etched that team into the history books, literally, as they were recorded in the electronic version of the Guinness Book of World Records as the first team to win all the world championships in one year.
Today, Natus Vincere actively works with several major partners; the club includes memberships in the most popular computer sports disciplines, and products with the Na`Vi logo are sold worldwide. Sponsorship contracts are (global digital gaming marketplace), HyperX (the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer), (world's leading live streaming video platform), Zowie (professional e-Sports equipment), (eSports betting platform), DXRacer (superior gaming chairs provider). Since 2010 Natus Vincere has won $4 million in various world’s tournaments. The fan community is about 5 million people.

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