From the bird's eye view: Episode 1

The first edition of our weekly column "From the bird's eye view" will cover the most interesting tweets of the week. eSports community does not live by contests only, but by active discussions of the past games and future transfers, by sharing interesting photos and by the stories about the live beyond eSports told by the players.


I recorded a new guide


The former player of Natus Vincere's Counter Strike squad, who won many medals with the team, and a current caster of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Aseniy “ceh9” Trynozhenko shares his competitive experience in a video guide on throwing smokes at de_dust2. The video will provide much useful information to those who begin their path in CS:GO.



What mood are you in today? Happy, astonished, tired and dreary emotions of ceh9 in one picture. Cool isn't it? The fan-art:
Our CS:GO-squad travels through London's streets while participating in FACEIT. The venue was located far away from the hotel of accommodation. So the players would either take a ride on the car to the venue or walk around the beautiful streets of UK's capital city. 
London part 1



London part 2



After the matches in London our CS:GO squad will spend a couple of days in Kyiv to have a bootcamp before participating in GFinity. We hope that training will be helpful for our team.


"waiting for the flight to Kyiv, going to a small bootcamp before GFinity"


Being a champion is most pleasant. The winners of DreamHack Tours on Heroes of the Storm, Natus Vincere team is lying on a bed, hugging a 2 500$ cheque. See those happy faces!




Natus Vincere fans continue astonishing us. Watch a creation devoted to our Dota 2 team. What if Natus Vincere could give invites to The International 2015? Tribute to the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movie. Btw there's a tweet about it:



joinDOTA editor Lawrence Phillips met true Russian legends, our Dota 2 streamers, Vladimir "Maelstorm" Kuzminov and Dmitry "LightOfHeaven" Kupriyanov. 



The power of this photo is beyond control. Close to the Russians, even the English seem wild and frightening:



Let's distract a bit from our team and check out what's going on in international eSports. Fnatic defeated EnVyUs in the final of DreamHack Open Tours 2015 on CS:GO. The enormous support the French team achieved on their domestic arena wasn't helpful. A well-known eSports journalist of tweeted congratulations to the Swedish team on their victory. Lurppis considers fnatic to be the best CS:GO team. What do you think?
The heads of DreamHack remind us that DreamHack Summer 2015 in Sweden will be the next event of DreamHack Open. It will be held 13-16 June in Jönköping.
Team Secret, which got an invite to The International 2015, became the winners of Red Bull Battle Grounds on Dota 2, having defeated Cloud9. former player of Natus Vincere, Clement "Puppey" Ivanov, tweets about his victory at the tournament:
Happily ever after: former champion of Point Blank, and a current talented Dota 2 streamer, Victor "GodHunt" Volkov got married. The wedding hosts were close friends and eSports popular figures, including Vitaliy "V1lat" Vlolchai with his wife. We congratulate the new family on this happy day.
It was cool! Thanks to @GodHunt_sltv, his beautiful wife and their great family! Congrats!
There are people who need little to become happy. Some of them are pleased to get to the concert of a favorite group. The others are glad to meet their favorite movie star in real life. Twitter user "jenek" is happy because he travelled in one plane with a famous Dota 2 analyst and caster Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov.
Here are his tweets:
Ahaha, I'm flying with @just_NS in one play
Made me happy for the whole 19 hour flight
These positive tweets are the last ones in our first edition of the column. There so many interesting tweets, just like birds in the sky, but we tried to choose the most interesting for you. Let's see what the next week will prepare for us.


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