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While one Na`Vi squad is having rest after the victory at Dota 2 Champions League, preparing to the forthcoming Starladder season, American division of Natus Vincere doesn't waste its time. Many matches of various leagues are scheduled on November. If you follow the events of United StatesNa`Vi.US this news will provide you much useful information. You won't miss a single game of your favorite team. Don't forget to leave your comments. The team needs your support!

Dota 2 League Season 5 is considered to be one of the most prestigious. Besides a great prize pool, the organizers can be proud of LAN-final, to be held in Las-Vegas. Only four teams will get to the LAN-final. Therefore the squad needs to put much effort to gain this opportunity. All the matches will be held in the mode best of 3 and will be streamed by the best casters (United StatesAyesee andRussian FederationPingeee).

Dota Pit League Season 2 is a new league, which still has managed to engage large audience. The prize pool of 75 000 USD attracted the best teams of Europe and the US. The tournament has an interesting peculiarity, namely it has no LAN-final, all the matches to be conducted online. 16 teams are divided into 4 groups, each providing one winner to the final. Na`Vi.US got to the group "B". This is a very tough group. The teams will play against each other 2 games within the framework of the group stage. The caster Russian FederationAdekvat will stream this event for the Russian-speaking community.

Dota Pit League Stream:


UPDATE: Na`Vi.US has left the tournament.

Dota Pit League Schedule:


Time (CET) Match Match page
OVER United StatesNa`Vi.US [2:0]Russian FederationHellRaisers Watch
OVER United StatesNa`Vi.US [1:1]United StatesSneaky Nyx Assassins Watch


Dota Pit League brackets:


group B
# Team G W L S
1 Russian Federation Team Empire 10 6 4 6
2 United States Denial eSports 6 4 2 4
3 Russian Federation Virtus.Pro Polar 8 4 4 4
4 International mYinsanity 4 3 1 3
5 International Secret Team 4 3 1 3
6 United States Sneaky Nyx Assassins 8 2 6 2
7 Russian Federation HellRaisers 8 2 6 2
8 United States Cloud 9 0 0 0 0


Dota Pit League prize pool:

 place - ~33,750$

 place - ~15,000$

 place - ~10,500$

 place  - ~6,000$

 places - ~ 3,000$ each

 places - ~ 1,875$ each

* The prize pool of the tournament increases with every ticket sold in Dota 2 Store.


Dota 2 League stream:


Dota 2 League Schedule:


Time(CET) Match Match page
OVER United StatesNa`Vi.US [2:0]InternationalTeam Tinker Watch
OVER United StatesNa`Vi.US [0:2]United StatesSneakyNyxAssassins Watch
OVER United StatesNa`Vi.US [1:2]Russian FederationTeam Empire Watch
15.11 / 20:00 CET United StatesNa`Vi.US vsRussian Polar Watch
15.11 / 23:00 CET United StatesNa`Vi.US vsUnited StatesEvil Geniuses Watch


Dota 2 League brackets:


group stage
# Team W-L Maps
1 Russian Federation Virtus.Pro Polar 3-2 6-6
2 United States Evil Geniuses 2-0 4-1
3 International Team Tinker 2-2 5-5
4 United States Sneaky Nyx Assassins 1-1 2-2
5 United States Na`Vi.US 1-1 2-2
6 Russian Federation Team Empire 1-2 3-4
7 United States Cloud 9 1-1 3-2
8 Sweden Alliance 0-2 1-4


Dota 2 League prize pool:

 place - ~ 25,000$

 place - ~15,000$

 place - ~ 7,500$

 place - ~2,500$

The prize pool of the tournament increases with every ticket sold in Dota 2 Store.


Team squads:

United StatesNa`Vi.US: Korok, Sneyking, Fogged, Standin.USH, Standin.Waytosexy

United StatesEvil Geniuses: Arteezy, Fear, UNiVeRsE, zai, ppd

Russian FederationTeam Empire: yoky-, Silent, Resolution, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Solo

SwedenAlliance: Loda, Akke, AdmiralBulldog, Chessie, Misery

InternationalSecret Team: s4, BigDaddy, Fly, Puppey, Kuroky

United StatesCloud9: EternalEnvy, FATA-, bOne7, Aui_2000, pieliedie

InternationalTeam Tinker: Bulba, qojqva, Pajkatt, SingSing,  EGM

Russian Polar: Illidan, Scandal, DkPhobos, Lil, TBA

United StatesDenial eSports: Joraal, Funzii, Sockshka, 7ckngMad, Crio_J, Arbenlol

United StatesSneaky Nyx Assassins: TC, Brax, ixmike88, FLUFFNSTUFF, whiteBeard

Russian FederationHellRaisers: Artes, Afoninje, Gorec, goddam, Dread

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