Na`Vi expands to North America


E-sports club Na'Vi is proud to announce a new representative in the North America. From now on, USA will become home for our new squad, with the rights to bear Na'Vi.US title. The number of our fans (which is more than 4 million in just social media), allows us to see that many players are cheering for us all around the globe, including the United States.


The first team to join Na'Vi.US is a Dota 2 squad, formerly known as the North American Rejects (NAR), which successfully passed the qualifiers for The International and got a chance to shine at the main part of the tournament.


This team is comprised of world-class players, who have been on the competitive scene for quite some time: Sneyking, Korok, Brax, Fogged, and 1437. Therefore, Natus Vincere will be represented by two squads of players at The International.


We are genuinely happy to welcome such a strong and promising team to Na'Vi family. We believe that with our philosophy and our management, guys will show their best performance, and then some. It is time to open up a new chapter in history of Natus Vincere, and, perhaps, of cybersports as a whole.


“I think the name Na’Vi summons an image of unparalleled success and excellence. We will strive to live up to that excellence, and create an incredible legacy of our own. We have a long-lasting commitment not only to the community, but to each other as teammates.” -- Sneyking, Carry player


“Most people in the community see North American Dota as something transient, temporary and sub-par. We're here to change that mentality, and prove that the American Dota scene has a lot to offer, in both talent and personality. We're immensely proud to be joining one of the most storied organizations in Dota2, and we're ready to live up to that pride.” -- Brax, Captain and Drafter


«We’ve been trying to open North America division for over a year. It’s definitely a huge step forward from Na`Vi’s evolution perspective. The Dota 2 squad is just the first stage in our plan of Natus Vincere project development in North America. We are going to take on two more squads in other disciplines. Our approach to selection of new players representing Na`Vi.US brand will be quite prudent and demanding» -- Alexander  "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy, CEO Na`Vi Group.


Na`Vi.NA Dota 2 line-up:

NATUS VINCERE DOTA 2. North american squad
Name Nickname Country Position
Braxton Paulson Brax (Captain) United States USA Offlane
Ioannis Loucas  Fogged United States USA Support
Steven Ashworth Korok United States USA Solo mid
JingJun Wu Sneyking United States USA Carry
Theeban Siva   1437 Canada Canada Hard Support


Representation Video

Na`Vi.US Representation Video



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NAR'Vi. Haha :D when they told it first time I was like - WTF ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT.
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