Na`Vi at major tournaments. Part 1


Na`Vi: History of Major tournaments. Part 1

During the last two years competitive Counter-Strike has seen the success of six unforgettable tournaments. Their wonderful stories have brought much excitement to all members of the community, mixed with the bitterness of loss as well as the sweetness of victory. 


Our team has always been an indispensable part of major-tournaments. Let’s reminisce how they went!


Dreamhack winter 2013


In September 2013, community was shaken by extremely exciting news. The organizers of Dreamhack Winter decided to conduct a CS:GO competition that would not only gather the top international teams, but also feature the greatest prize-pool our favorite shooter had ever seen – $ 250 000. Before that point, the income of one team at one tournament had never exceeded $ 40 000, so the motivation of all teams went up as high as never before. 



Dreamhack was not only the biggest digital festival of the world, but also a starting point in the development of CS:GO


In the autumn of 2013, Ukraine Na`Vi's position was quite good: the arrival of young talented players Russian Federation Denis “seized” Kostin and Russian Federation Anton “kibaken” Kolesnikov, who completed the trio of veterans Zeus, ceh9, and starix in summer, felt like the breath of fresh air. The team has got a huge amount of motivation and the guys were ready to practice hard. Of course, the departure of Ukraine Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev and Ukraine Yegor “markeloff” Markelov influenced the team, but this feeling receded into the background on the eve of the upcoming tournament. Our five has managed to secure their place in it at TECHLABS Cup 2013 Finals in Moscow one week before the major itself. Although they have taken third place out of four participants, they were given a chance to show what they can in Sweden Jönköping.



The Born to Win at the dawn of a new era of competitive CS:GO


Despite winning a lucky ticket to Dreamhack Winter 2013, unfortunately, our team wasn’t able to show a decent performance. They ended up in the so called “group of death” that included Swedenfnatic (Devilwalk, JW, Flusha, Schneiderpronax), SwedenLGB (Skytten, eksem /Maikelele/denniskrimzolofmeister) and FranceClan-Mystik (apEXHaRtSKQLY, ioREkKioShiMa). Our guys fought their way through, but were defeated by two Swedish teams. It proves that the roster was still seeking its optimal position, and the most important thing was not to give up and keep on practicing.



Sad groupstage statistic of the first major (


ESL One Katowice 2014


The attempt to repeat the amazing success of winter tournament was made three months after at ESL Major Series One: Katowice 2014. The combination of top CS:GO teams from all over the world, solid prize-money and high level of plays guaranteed unforgettable emotions for all viewers. Right before the event, the Born to Win have experienced the changes of their roster again: Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev and the world-class sniper Slovakia Ladislav “Guardian” Kovacs replaced Anton “kibaken” Kolesnikov and Arseniy “ceh9” Trynozhenko. Despite the reshuffles, the team looked quite good and was ready to compete. They passed a qualifying stage easily, and showed a surprising upturn in the quality of team play. These factors proved how serious the preparation fot the tournament in Poland was.


                                                                                        Detailed interview with a captain about upcoming ESL One Katowice 2014


However, something went wrong right from the beginning of the main stage. The Swedes from Sweden LGB (dennis, olofmeister, krimz, cype, twist), the top-2 team that was in a terrifyingly great shape, presented one of the most serious difficulties on the way of advancing out of the group. A 13:16 loss against FranceClan-Mystik in Losers Bracket decided the fate of Ukraine Na`Vi at the tournament and made them pack their suitcases. Young talent France Kenny “KennyS” Schrub was one of the main reasons why our team lost, and his confident plays have helped the French team to move on to the next group stage round. 


Clan-Mystik. KennyS and LGB-esports were unbreakable


Crucial trophy


Thus, the playoff stage of the most important tournament of the season went without our guys, but Na`Vi couldn’t be dismotivated. Two weeks after the Polish failure, they showed how premature it was to rule them out by beating Sweden Ninjas in Pijamas and France Titan at SLTV StarSeries ІХ LAN-finals. Finally, our players managed to get to the higher step of pedestal.


An incredibly important victory


This first successful result was crucial for the players who were tired of losing and the fans who patiently waited for the comeback of their favorite team. With their head high, our guys have started preparing to ESL One: Cologne 2014.


Tough challenge: ESL One Cologne 2014            


In Germany, the Born to Win got into the group with France team-LDLC (apEX, Maniac, KQLY, Happy, Uzzzii), DenmarkCopenhagen Wolves (cajunb, Pimp, karrigan, gla1ve, Nico) and Norway London Conspiracy (RUBINO, rain, Skurk, prb, Polly). They faced some problems at the beginning, but managed to fix all misunderstandings and stop their usual loss-streak. The Danish Wolves stood on the playoff-way of our guys, and the clash against them was extremely intense. Incredible comebacks and excellent highlights by Ukraine Na`VI helped our guys to win in the overtimes. 


                                          Elimination match, or rather a stamina challenge. Such spectacular matches happen when both teams are ready to take a risk


Unfortunately, they couldn’t reach further quarter-finals. The players from the refreshed roster of  Swedenfnatic (flusha, JWolofmeister, krimzpronax) have beaten our guys convincingly. de_nuke was chosen as the third and last map, which also was a psychologically difficult factor. The game turned out to be extremely interesting but ended in favor of Swedish team.



                                                                                            Na`Vi were very close to winning a place in semifinals (


After the tournament in Cologne, the progress of a team was clearly visible. First, they stopped an upsetting tendency that prevented them from getting into the minimum of top-8. Second, the even game against the tournament favorites in playoff stage gave them confidence to muster their forces and build skills that would help overplay almost every single CS:GO team.


In the next article, you’ll find out about three more great tournaments that proved improving of the quality of plays of our five. If you are born to win, then know your own history!

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