Na`Vi debut at XMG Captains Draft


The second season of XMG Captains Draft is in full swing. After the arrival from Dota 2 Champions League the players had an opportunity to have some rest and are now ready to fight against the best teams of Europe. Tomorrow you will be able to see the Born to Win in the matches against Finland4 Anchors и SwedenAlliance


What is so special about the tournament? You can't get prepared beforehand, since you never now which heroes will be chosen by a blind random. However we've seen Ukraine

Natus Vincere winning in many hard situations. It's time to prove it. The prize pool of 175 000 USD is a great motivation to win.


Despite the result the show will be nothing but fantastic. The system of the group stage is round robin best of 2. That's why we'll enjoy 4 games of our favorite game tomorrow. The beginning of the first match is scheduled at 17:30 CET. Join us to watch the battle!


Schedule of the matches of Natus Vincere for 7 November:


Time (CET) Match Match Page
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [2:0] Finland4 Anchors Watch
OVER UkraineNatus Vincere [1:1] Sweden Alliance Watch


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#1 lk prince_beo 9 November 2014, 05:38
go navi always with you since i begun to play you navii..
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