League of not our dream


Unfortunately the last games of Natus Vincere Dota 2 team finished with their defeat. In some cases the luck served its purpose, in the others – tiredness, but in some cases - suspicious network failures. Yes , we are talking about the last match in DreamLeague, during which Dendi had been DDosed. We will tell you how the story ended.


We’ve already told you about problems that Natus Vincere had faced with during the showdown with EG. DreamLeague administration tried to appreciate our team's position and offered rematch. Perhaps you already know the conclusion of this situation from players or managers in social networks: the game has been called off. DreamLeague LAN- finals will take place without the Na’Vi participation.


Position of Na `Vi.Dota2 Team::

«Admins offered restart since the second pause. At that moment, we lost the most lanes to EG, but mid was lost exactly due to Dendi’s lag. The team would be ready to play again even in this position but the disputable death of the courier meant the total domination of EG in the beginning of the game and the practical impossibility of normal game for Na `Vi. It’s a pity for guys that the last important game of DreamLeague ended in this way and they are grateful to the administration of the tournament for the attempt to solve this problem anyway».


The closest DreamHack will take place without participation Na`Vi.Dota 2


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#1 ua prb 14 May 2014, 00:06
This comment was deleted.
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#2 ie Fiquem 14 May 2014, 01:48
Really sad about this. :( Any chance the guys will be at DreamHack anyway?
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#3 ca Bhob 15 May 2014, 20:05
I hope so
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#4 ca Bhob 18 May 2014, 00:27
But now TI4 coming up, I hope you win this one :D
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#5 sk fazeN 19 May 2014, 17:33
Hmm TI4 who win? Na`Vi of course :)
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