Dota 2 powered by Source 2, Reborn is live


UPDATE: Reborn is live and Dota 2 is now officially powered by Source 2 engine. Hope you played your last game on Source 1.


Ever since Reborn has been implemented, numerous questions has been raised by the community on its implementation alongside other queries such as MMR being reset or inventory being wiped - and a number of other things. India Wykrhm Reddy has taken the initiative to clear out the air regarding the issue. One thing is for certain, Reborn or in other words, Source 2 will take over as the main client soon™.



A few things to clarify based off how many times I've been asked for when Reborn goes live.- No, your inventory will...

Posted by Wykrhm Reddy on Wednesday, 9 September 2015

As seen above, Wykrhm clears the air on many issues other than MMR or client related queries. He states that inventory will not be wiped as well as more features will be added to the client soon.



In the meantime, Valve also hinted out that Reborn will be fully functional and be powered by Source 2 engine which will act as a replacement for our beloved Source 1 engine which is going to be history.


Source: Wykrhm Reddy

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