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Video-streams Storm Studio is happy to announce that it will officially stream 5 (!) competitive disciplines of the next 3 tournaments for the whole Russian-speaking community. The tournaments are: Intel Extreme Masters (League of Legends, Hearthstone, StarCraft 2), ESL One Katowice 2015 (CS:GO) and ESL One Frankfurt 2015 to be held this summer.


The official casters of the studio as well as well-known invited guests will comment the matches for you. Read below the full list of the casters, dates of the events and the links to the channels of the streams.


Stream table
Discipline Tournament Date Caster Link to the channel
Hearthstone IEM Legendaty Series 15.03 Gnumme
StarCraft 2  Intel Extreme Masters SC2 12.03 - 15.03 Alex007
League of Legends  Intel Extreme Masters 13.03 - 15.03 NightEnd
CS:GO  ESL One Katowice 2015 12.03 - 15.03 ceh9 + TBA*
Dota 2  ESL One Frankfurt 2015 EU Qualifier 10.03 - 19.04 Maelstorm & LightOfHeaven
Dota 2  ESL One Frankfurt 2015  28.06 - 29.06 Maelstorm & LightOfHeaven


* - Since some matches will be held simultaneously, a mysterious guest (whose name is yet to be revealed) will be casting the game at the second channel. 


Note that Storm Studio is currently casting the tournaments of DreamzMedia and Dota Pit Season 3. Watch the events here:

Discipline Tournament Date Caster Link to the channel
CS:GO  GOCL Season 1 LIVE ceh9
Dota 2  D2CL Season 5 LIVE Maelstorm & LightOfHeaven
Dota 2  Dota 2 Pit Season 3 LIVE Maelstorm & LightOfHeaven


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