The International 2015: Blog - Part 2


Hello everyone! I’m catching up after TI5 with a wrap-up of the event. If you missed part 1 of my blog, you can check it out here.


Picking up on Day 4 of the event, the day held a big shock as Team Secret, widely considered the favorite to win the tournament, was eliminated. We thought that was going to be the big surprise of the day until that evening’s All-Star Match.


All that day, fans were sporting their Team Chuan or Team N0tail shirts, cheering on their favorite All-Star team. The fans were heavily skewed toward Team N0tail, so there were many more green than red shirts in the crowd that day.



Throughout the day, I found a few personalities willing to give their predictions before the game:


Sheever: “Team ChuaN all the way. Two reasons: first of all, they have the better color shirt. That’s a good reason for me. Second, they just have an awesome team and I want to see them play.”


Blitz: “It’s hard to say, I’m not going to reveal too much, but it will really come down to luck. But I feel N0tail can do it because of the communication.”


Purge: “I only picked the ChuaN t-shirt, because everyone picked the N0tail t-shirt ... to balance it out.”


ChuaN: “Of course, Team ChuaN. I’m going to annoy the opponents to death.”

The game started with the usual ceremonial banter and trash-talking between the two captains.



Then Kaci threw a curve ball at us, when she announced that it wouldn’t be a 5v5 match as expected, but a 10v10, featuring members of the crowd. As they were called, each section went nuts. It is a bit disappointing that no females were selected for the game. N0tail seems like such a ladies man. We all felt a bit sorry for beard guy, though when he lost the Rock, Paper, Scissors to play.



The biggest surprise was when the dancing Pudge cosplayer picked to play turned out to be Dendi. This was going to be the first ever All-Star match that Dendi would miss, but it was a testament to how much his fans love him that they started chanting his name as soon as he was revealed. In his usual fashion, Dendi played it up, and it was honestly heartwarming to see Puppey and Dendi back together again. Puppey’s tweet on the subject says it all. +1


The game itself was a blast to watch, with over 250 kills in a 37 minute game and a comeback truly worthy of a TI. Team N0tail narrowly secured victory after a defense that brought their ancient down to less than 100 health. Honestly, I don’t think it could have been a closer game if Valve had scripted it.



Day 5 saw the last CIS team, Virtus Pro eliminated by LGD Gaming. Evil Geniuses was also knocked to the lower bracket by CDEC Gaming, setting up the Cinderella story for the Chinese Wild Card team, making it all the way to the Grand Finals.


In between the games, there were always things to see around the arena. The English analytics were stationed right out on the main floor, which made it easy to meet them after their casting. Sometimes the analysts were joined by players as well, like Loda.



Valve also posted art galleries around the arena. Here were a few of my favorites from various different galleries:



For those willing to stand in some very long lines, there were also scheduled autograph signings for various players. I believe Dendi was the only player to schedule two separate autograph sessions, which is a great testament to how much he cares about his fans. Still, the line to see him was halfway around the arena, and even after signing hundreds of autographs, there were always more fans waiting.



Of course, there were always cosplayers to see as well. Plenty of Crystal Maidens of course, but also some less common characters, including the infamous techies. The witch doctor probably was my favorite with the accompanying monkey in honor of the new Immortal item. I’m sure I missed many other cosplayers, but here are the ones I saw:




At last that brings us to the final day. The North American-dominant crowd was overjoyed to see Evil Geniuses defeat LGD Gaming to advance to the Grand Finals and a rematch against CDEC Gaming. For the finals, I was privileged to be invited to the Na’Vi suite to watch the games. Here is the view from their balcony, as the games began.



Most of the team and staff were cheering for CDEC. As XBOCT explained, he estimated 80% of the whole crowd was cheering for EG, so it seemed fair to try to even things out and cheer with the 20% for CDEC. Thankfully, he didn’t blame me for showing a bit of USA pride and cheering for EG. I was excited to see a North American team take home the Aegis.



I also want to give a huge shoutout to Dendi, who was kind enough to take a picture with me and autograph my badge. I could tell that he and the rest of the team were tired after an exhausting week, but Dendi continued to be incredibly gracious to each and every fan, stopping to talk or take a picture with anyone who asked. He remains one of the most well-loved players for a reason.



My evening wrapped up with the afterparty at the EMP Museum. This was a great opportunity for everyone to relax and have fun after the tournament. Players, casters and friends mingled freely with fans, and it was a very fun night, and at least deadmau5 seemed to be done trolling by then. Thanks to everyone for a great TI5! See you next year!

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