List of TI5 Casters and Personalities unveiled


Renowned personalities and casters within the Dota 2 scene have slowly started revealing their TI5 invites via social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Many known and familiar faces were invited whilst there were also a few exceptions that one can possibly be surprised about. You can find the entire star-studded list below:


United Kingdom English Personalities:

France Sébastien Debs
  MalaysiaChan Litt Binn
  United States William Lee
  United States Austin Walsh
United States Andy Stiles

Netherlands Jorien v/d Heijden


  Australia David Parker
  Sweden Rikard Melin
United States Dakota Cox
  United Kingdom Ted Forsyth
«Pyrion Flax»
  South Africa Ben Steenhuisen
  United States Ben Wu
United States Ken Chen
  United Kingdom Owen Davies
  United States Kevin Godec

Canada Alan Bester


Denmark Troels Lyngholt Nielsen



Australia Toby Dawson


Sweden Johan Westberg


United States Andrew Campbell

Sweden Niklas Högström


Russian Federation Russian Personalities:


Russian Federation Иван Дёмкин
  Russian Federation Антон Ерохин
  Russian Federation Виктор Волков
  Russian Federation Рустам Мавлютов
Russian Federation Владимир Кузьминов

Ukraine Андрей Яценко
«xeo» (интервьюер)

  Russian Federation Ярослав Кузнецов
  Russian Federation Сергей Ревин


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