The International 2015: CDEC and MVP.Phoenix qualify!



Upper brackets final
2China CDEC Gaming
2ChinaCDEC Gaming
WinChina CDEC Gaming
1Russian Federation Vega Squadron
2Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix
0Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix
1United States Team Archon
 1st round of lower brackets 
Lower brackets final
2Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix
WinKorea, Republic of MVP Phoenix
2Russian Federation Vega Squadron
1Russian Federation Vega Squadron
0United States Team Archon




The wild card phase for The International 2015 is over and we finally have the final 2 teams that'll take their rightful place at the main event whilst 2 teams return home heart-broken. The wild card matches were played between four teams, namely, ChinaCDEC, United StatesArchon, Korea, Republic ofMVP.Phoenix and Russian FederationVega Squadron. The stakes were high as only two teams could proceed further whilst two teams would stand eliminated, and for that very reason Chinese delight CDEC and Korean veterans MVP.Phoenix have rightfully cemented their places in the play-offs.


Interestingly, both teams qualifying to the main event hail from the Eastern hemisphere aka SEA/Asian region whereas both teams of western lineage walk home dejected and empty handed. Needless to say, CDEC was the first team to qualify to TI5 play-offs as they conviniently ousted their opponents in the upper bracket. The first victim to fall prey to CDEC was none other than the CIS pride, Vega Squadron. However, the entire series was closely contested as the match went on to be a three game extravagant affair with CDEC starting off strongly, however, falling prey to Vega in the second game with greedy picks before bouncing back in the third game and sending the CIS team packing to the lower bracket.


The second series was relatively easy for CDEC as they were matched up against MVP.Phoenix. Showing their dominance and sending signals that they are not to be underestimated, CDEC easily knocked the Koreans down to the lower bracket in a short series of  two games and were the first team to qualify for the play-offs at The International 5. Meanwhile, MVP awaited the winner of Vega Squadron and Archon in the lower bracket finals that would determine the second wild card qualifier.

Match schedule:

Time Match
OVER China CDEC Gaming [2:1] Russian Federation Vega Squadron
OVER Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix [2:1] United States Team Archon
OVER Russian Federation Vega Squadron [2:0] United States Team Archon
OVER Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix [0:2] China CDEC Gaming 
OVER Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix [2:1] Russian Federation Vega Squadron



The second team to qualify was none other than MVP.Phoenix who battled all the way through the lower bracket to emerge victorious and qualify to the play-offs as the second wild card team. In what can be touted as one of the best opening series, MVP.P versus Archon was a treat to the eye. All three games of between these two teams were entertaining and filled with complete action. The first game started off with a first blood even before the timer began and had 14 kills at the 6th minute before things turned sour for Archon who were unable to capitalize on their team execution.


The second game of the first series started off relatively slow. In the first 20 minutes, MVP was leading the charts until Archon fought back and started tearing up the Koreans apart one piece at a time. Korok's Storm Spirit and USH's Gyrocopter were the highlight of the game as well as two consecutive courier snipes by Korok that delayed Anti-mage's Manta Style for complete 7 minutes. However, it was the third game that really mattered and MVP eased through the series with a comfortable victory over the Americans.


The second series took place between MVP.P and Vega Squadron. This series too had its ups and downs, throws and counter-throws and was nothing short of an exciting match-up. Similar to the previous games, this series too went on to a full three games with Vega securing an early lead in game one. However, it was MVP's day as they took the next two games in succession and cemented their place for the play-offs.


For more videos and interesting fighting moments, visit UkraineNatus Vincere's YouTube channel here.

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