TOP 5 ArtStyle plays in 2015


Welcome everyone to the next series of UkraineNatus Vincere player highlights. Today, we'll take a look at a legend who immortalized Na`Vi in the history books by leading the team to a podium finish at the inaugural; The International 2011 at Cologne, Germany. Yes, we are talking about none other than UkraineIvan 'ArtStyle' Antonov who made a glorious return to Na`Vi after a gap of 4 years.


DreamLeague Season 3 (Earthshaker)



ArtStyle sets up a solid fissure on Earthshaker that allows Pudge to set up a hook, followed by an Echo Slam and Enchant Totem.


DreamLeague Season 3 (Undying)



This play can be termed as the classic aggressive play Na`Vi has been always known for. In this game, ArtStyle chases his opponent all the way to the base at 4th minute, kills him and teleports out past Tier 3 tower. You certainly cannot miss this one.


DreamLeague Season 3 (Earthshaker)



Teamwipe by Na`Vi against Virtus.Pro that includes two amazing fissures from ArtStyle. Be amazed!


DreamLeague Season 3 (Shadow Demon)



Shadow Demon play keeps enemy Shadow Fiend stuck in trees during team fight. Remember the famous quote that goes, "Stay in the trees"?


Redbull Battlegrounds(Chen)



Witness some ultra aggressive early Chen domination by ArtStyle against HellRaisers and Team Empire.


(Author credit: Tyler)

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#1 by 7SEA 22 July 2015, 19:38
Ох уж этот бешеный чен :D
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