The Summit 2: Na`Vi.US in play off!


The group stage of the American qualifiers of one of the most prestigious tournaments of 2014, The Summit, was over late at night. The competition was very serious. The fate of the so much wanted slots was decided in the last matches. Na`Vi.US was one of the numerous candidates for the play off stage. They encountered PeruUnion Gaming and United StatescompLexity Gaming. Our team came to the matches with a clear intention to win. Should they have lost they would have shared one line with United StatesSneaky Nyx Assassins, the team that had defeated them. 


Though the match with the Peruvians was quite easy, the encounter with United StatescompLexity was very interesting. This team headed by the top HoN player CanadaMoonMeander was the leader of the tournament brackets of The Summit 2 and had lost the match only once. However United StatesNa`Vi.US managed to defeat its opponent easily and to obtain the place in play off. 


Therefore we're one step closer to the trip to the LAN-final of the tournament. All we have to do is to defeat PeruNot Today,United StatescompLexity Gaming and United StatesTeam Leviathan. The date and the time of the matches will be added to the news in the future.


Play off brackets:

Upper brackets:

Grand Final's participant
United StatescompLexity Gaming2
0United StatescompLexity Gaming
WinPeruNot Today
United StatesTeam Leviathan1
PeruNot Today2
2PeruNot Today
United StatesNa`Vi.US0


Lower brackets:

Round 1
Losers' Final
Grand Final's participant
0 -
Win -
United StatesNa`Vi.US1
0United StatesTeam Leviathan
United StatesTeam Leviathan2


Grand Final:

Grand Final
PeruNot Today0
Win -


Group stage results:

Group stage:
# Team G W L S
1 United StatescompLexity Gaming 11 9 2 27
2 United StatesNa`Vi.US 11 8 3 24
3 United StatesLeviathan 11 8 3 24
4 PeruNot Today 11 8 3 24
5 United StatesSneaky Nyx Assasins 11 7 4 21
6 United StatesGerg Squad 11 5 6 15
7 United StatesInphinity Stack 11 5 6 15
8 United StatesTurn my Swag on 11 5 6 15
9 United StatesROOT Gaming 11 5 6 15
10 Brazilpain Gaming 11 4 7 12
11 PeruUnion Gaming 11 2 9 6
12 United StatesStay Free 11 0 11 0


Team squads:

United States Na`Vi.US: Korok, Sneyking, Fogged, Standin.USH, Standin.Waytosexy

United States compLexity Gaming: MoonMeander, swindlemelonzz, Limmp, Zfreek, Bloody Nine

United States Leviathan: Shredder, Shiibbyy, Jenkins, Sunken, Newsham

Peru Not Today: Iwo, SmAsH, miHawk, Masoku, Mstco


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