The International: TOP 5 Na'Vi moments


Today, we'll be walking down the memory lane and reminisce the glorious moments Natus Vincere has had over the years since the inception of The International. We've compiled a list of videos depicting the epic, winning and hilarious moments including our very own Dendi's spectacular dance moves. The list can be found below:


Puppey's clever creep blocking on Chen (The International 2011)


We head back straight to the grand finals of The International 2011 where Puppey is in a dire position of needing to be saved. Oh wait .. his team-mates are all but dead. In this video we can witness how Puppey's clever usage of creep blocking and fog to his advantage resulted in his escape from a scary Dai/X!/MMY's Doom.



The original million dollar Dream Coil by Dendi on Puck (The International 2011)


As per the title, it is evidently clear on what we are about to just witness. Yes folks, Dendi was the first player to be immortalized in history via his million dollar dream coil on Puck bringing the fat paycheck to Na'Vi.



(Note: You can find the epic moment at around 8 minutes!)


Dendi's Rubick and LoH's Enigma showing the perfect counter to Invictus Gaming's Naga Siren combo (The International 2012)


Here we are at the second International winner bracket finals match-up between Chinese giants Invictus Gaming and the ever popular Natus Vincere. The most interesting thing about this game is the way Na'Vi countered the Naga Siren pick by Invictus Gaming, a dangerous hero at that point of time. Dendi's epic Ravage steal from TideHunter and LoH's clutch usage of Blackhole on his Enigma literally sealed the deal and sent iG packing down to the lower bracket finals.



(Note: Apart from the above mentioned play, there is also other highlights depicting Na'Vi throughout TI2)


XBOCT's epic jukes on Alchemist in the grand finals against The Alliance (The International 2013)


Let's be frank, one just cannot post a news depicting nostalgic moments without the ever gritty XBOCT into the picture. Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to get a treat to your eyes as we are about to witness one of the most famous jukes in the grand finals of the biggest tournament in Dota 2. Without any further ado, here we go!



Dendi's Pudge and Puppey's Chen combo that completely destroyed a dominating TongFu (The International 2013)


Na'Vi had almost been eliminated from The International 2013 by a dominating TongFu from China. However, with clever usage of the classic Pudge+Chen hook and teleport combo, Na'Vi wrecked the very fearsome line-up of TongFu and nearly escaped it's elimination. However, shortly after TI3, the Pudge+Chen hook combo was removed from the game altogether.



Honorary mention (The International 3 All Star Match, Dendi's dance and live taunt)


When it comes to Dendi, nothing is fun-less. Managing to kill Puppey, the Na'Vi Captain itself and dancing his way out of the booth and taunting in front of the Goliath himself is no easy feat to achieve.


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