Tribute to XBOCT: 5 years with Na`Vi


Ukraine Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich was an integral part of Ukraine Natus Vincere's Dota 2 team for five long years. Throughout Na`Vi's many iterations, we saw the meteoric rise of XBOCT and also witnessed all the ups and downs in his amazing career with the organization. Today, we'd like to pay him a tribute with a short video clip depicting all the glorious and funny moments.


The video can be found below:



Once again, Natus Vincere would like to extend our gratitude to Alexander for being part of an amazing journey with its Dota 2 squad. We wish him luck for all of his future endeavours.

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#1 id daviduck123 31 October 2015, 18:15
Good Bye Xboct..
Thank you for everything..
We will remember you as a good player and Na'Vi Legend
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#2 ua kjt 18 December 2015, 02:02
Navi might actually start winning now that this trashbag is gone
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