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This summer YouTube is planning to launch a site, dedicated to broadcasting gaming content. Let’s find out how this new app will look like and whether it can give Twitch a run for its money. Also, let’s think of why Google’s subsidiary suddenly became interested in the gaming industry.


What is YouTube Gaming?

Despite Youtube announcing a new app quite recently, there has been a back story to this event. The thing is that Youtube actually tried to acquire the leading streaming platform Twitch, however, the deal fell through, either because of anti-monopoly legislation or because of these companies’ rocky relations. As a result, Twitch was acquired by Amazon, while Google and Youtube announced their own streaming platform with a simple name: YouTube Gaming. 

YouTube Gaming logo

YouTube Gaming developers state that the new app will incorporate a collection of pages, dedicated to each single game. Each page will contain clips, channels and broadcasts of a chosen game. Streamers would be able to earn through advertising and viewer donations. Perhaps, the best news for the streamers is the fact that they won’t have to meet a schedule and that their broadcast recordings will be automatically transferred to their YouTube channel. Moreover, YouTube Gaming will have a mobile app, allowing users to study content and watch streams from any portable device.  


YouTube will not only make it easier for streamers, the company will also try to make their app comfortable for the viewers. The official statement specifies, “you can search with confidence, knowing that typing “call” will show you “Call of Duty” and not “Call Me Maybe.” Speaking of comfort, one can’t but mention YouTube’s own player, which is considered to be a benchmark of style and convenience. Furthermore, this particular type of player is well known to all age groups due to YouTube’s enormous audience.


A new rival for Twitch TV?

One of the biggest topics of the discussion around YouTube Gaming is its potential to compete with an established streaming giant Twitch TV. On the one hand, YouTube and Google have all the resources to develop a service, capable of rivalling with Twitch. On the other hand, Twitch has already got an army of dedicated followers, as it was a pioneer of the industry and thus is not going to lose ground. Some suggest that YouTube Gaming’s mission is to stabilize YouTube’s financial position, which is said to be in bad shape. There are lots of different opinions, each having some logic behind it.

Twitch TV reacted instantly

Frankly speaking, it is way too soon to debate on YouTube Gaming’s ability to compete with Twitch TV, as the platform has not been released yet. However, some of the YouTube’s advantages over Twich can be seen even now. First of all, almost every single person has a YouTube account nowadays, which allows YouTube to capture their audience without even doing anything. Users won’t have to register and fill in boring registration forms. Secondly, being sponsored by Google, it will be much easier for YouTube to index and promote its products. Perhaps, Google would be more than interested in the business, since YouTube is barely paying for itself, as we will discuss it further below. Then, there is also an aforementioned player, which is a standard in anyone's mind and thus definitely an advantage.


But nothing is perfect and some users note that there are also several disadvantages of YouTube. The thing is, this video service obeys the law and ensures that no intellectual property right are violated. First of all, it refers to musical recordings, which are often used by those, who possess no rights for them. Despite being in line with legal rules, many consider such policy to be limiting one’s freedom and ability to distribute digital content freely. Truth be told, last year Twitch also forbid using sound recordings, which violate author’s rights.


Is YouTube in trouble?

There might be some not so fine goals behind noble reasons to create a comfortable game broadcasting platform. After all, gamers and e-sports enthusiasts already have a decent streaming service, which satisfies them for the most part, minor issues aside. Therefore, YouTube is very likely to have its own hidden interest.


Assumption that YouTube Gaming is aimed at improving YouTube’s financial position is not at all farfetched. In the beginning of 2015 analysts figured that famous brands are gradually giving up YouTube and placing their ads on social media sites and other services. However, there is even more. In February 2015 The Wall Street Journal published an article with a strong title: “YouTube: 1 billion viewers, no profit”. Basically, the article tells us the site is barely paying for itself and does not make any money for its owner, Google.

Graphs of decreasing interest in YouTube

And to top it, many digital content experts explicitly name YouTube an “Internet dumpster”. The reason is that most clips, uploaded to the site, are of low quality. Only a few of YouTube user are able to create quality videos, which could be compared to TV clips. Moreover, due to its simplicity and availability, the site is often used as a personal video storage, which could be interesting only to a limited number of people.

Meanwhile Twitch is gaining momentum

Given all this, YouTube’s attempts to acquire Twitch seem pretty logical. Such a deal could have definitely fixed the company’s financials, if we consider Twitch TV's popularity and profitability. Interestingly, YouTube is looking for other ways to increase profitability as well. Apart from YouTube Gaming, a Music Key service is also about to be launched this year. For $8 per month it would allow users to watch music clips without ads and download them to your portable devices. Thus, it seems like YouTube is trying hard to save the situation and be able to earn profits for Google.



Let us conclude by saying that competition is good. Two platforms will rival with each other, increasing the service quality and striving for the target audience. Moreover, YouTube Gaming can be just another evidence of the fact that gaming industry is growing rapidly.


We are always curious to know our readers’ opinion. So, please, let us know your thoughts, ideas or objections on this topic in the comment section below. 


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