A Beginner’s guide to Ability Draft in v7

In Ability Draft players are given a random hero and must drafts three regular abilities and one ultimate ability for the duration of the match. The abilities from each randomly assigned hero (plus two additional heroes’ abilities) are pooled together; players take turns to draft one ability until each hero has four abilities.
This mode is a little more unconventional than the original game, although you can play traditional roles (carry, support etc.), the line between each tends to be blurred. Ability Draft is trial and error and there is no correct way to necessarily play it, however this guide will assist you to get the best out of your draft.

Identifying the Hero’s Attributes

Before the drafting stage has started, it is important to understand your hero’s base stats, talents and their attack range.  Each hero is either a strength, agility or intelligence hero, this will determine the type of role they will traditionally trend towards.
As a general rule, strength heroes make better tanks/initiators due to their primary attribute leading to a higher amount of health. Agility make better right-click carries as they tend to have a higher attack speed. Intelligence heroes lean towards supports/casters because of their increased mana pool. It is not essential to build purely based on what stat type it is, but it makes it easier to succeed.
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Knowing the Heroes’ Talents

This has created a new element in the game, as talents allow heroes to take up certain roles even if their primary attribute is not inclined that way. For example; Lion Lion is a ranged intelligence hero who you would normally build into a caster/support, but due to his level 10 talent of +45 damage it is now viable to draft as a carry.
Another example would be the strength hero Night Stalker Night Stalker; normally you would draft him as an initiator/ganker but having +100 Cast Range and +300 Mana talents make him a viable caster. In addition, it would allow you to draft abilities with a higher mana cost. If you are unsure of each heroes’ talents, it won’t necessarily ruin your draft, but it does help a lot. Usually heroes have talents that will work in every build so do not stress if you make a mistake drafting.

The Draft Order

This is very important for a few reasons, the first being that it dictates what abilities you can get in what order. The first pick for each team is crucial as the strongest abilities will be picked at this point. There are many powerful abilities that are recommended to pick first, but we will get to that later in the article. Knowing your position is important because it can dictate which abilities will be available. Draft order is also important because it can determine what role is still needed in a team.
If you are in the first draft position, your next draft won’t be until eighteen other abilities have been picked. If you are the last pick you won’t draft until the first nine abilities have been picked, however, you will get to draft twice in a row. Draft order is important because it will affect which spells you will be able to pick. Often players have an ability in mind and the turn before they draft someone else picks that ability. This leads to a rushed draft decision (or auto-draft) which can weaken your build. The best tip in regards to draft order is; do not get fixated on getting one ability because it might get picked just before you. We recommend having three in mind at any time, that way when it is your turn you are always ready.
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General Rules for Drafting Abilities

There are a few rules when it comes to drafting abilities, the most important is to not draft four passives. Although this might seem appealing, it means that you will have minor impact in fights. There are some instances it does work but most of the time it is an epic fail. Remember that Ability Draft is a fast paced game and assuming you are going to be able to free farm for 20 minutes is not realistic.
The second general rule is if you see multiple teammates are drafting abilities for a carry build you should attempt to take on another role. Consider this rule as the same as ‘All Pick’ - a game with five carries is probably going to end badly for your team. 
The third rule is to draft abilities that are appropriate to your hero. For example; Drow Ranger Drow Ranger's ultimate ability Marksmanship Marksmanship is not a good choice for a melee strength hero, or  Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner's Return Return ability will have a low impact on an intelligence hero. Make sure you read all the information about the ability before your draft it.
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Recommended First Drafts      

There are a lot of very powerful abilities in Dota 2, these are a few of the recommended first picks: 


  •       Chemical Rage Chemical Rage – Increases mana and health regeneration, increases movement speed and boosts attack speed. 
  •       Shukuchi Shukuchi – Great ability that deals damage, gives temporary movement speed and makes the hero invisible for a short duration.
  •       Grow Grow – Large damage and movement speed increase.
  •       Permanent Invisibility Permanent Invisibility – can cast abilities without breaking invisibility.
  •       Fury Swipes Fury Swipes – Damage bonus that stacks, even stronger with a ranged hero.
  •       Berserker's Blood Berserker's Blood – Passive ability that increases attack speed and resistance depending on the heros remaining health.
Honorable Mentions:


  •       Thirst Thirst – increased movement speed and damage depending on enemy’s health.
  •       AoE Stuns – there are plenty of them and they are always a great utility to have.


The beauty of Ability Draft is that the possibilities are endless; you can win any game even if you have not drafted as well as you would have liked. The recommendations will help you improve your drafting quite a bit, nevertheless it will take practice to perfect the process. In addition, do not fear if your opponents out drafted your team - working together can always win even in the hardest of games. Also, remember do not rage at other players if they struggled in the draft, the best way to improve this type of match is to educate them.
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