Interview with AlexTheProG made an interview with a player of our Heroes of the Storm team Denmark Alexander "AlexTheProG" Grumstrup during WCA group stage.


— You replaced Na’Vi’s tank SwedenBreez, but you’re known to be a melee assassin player predominantly. Did you feel like you would have to begin playing tank Heroes or were you able to stick with more of a flex/assassin role?
— When I joined Na’Vi, when they approached me they said that it was for a tank role which I was kind of sad about at first because I really like the Hero Kerrigan and I’m known for being good at Kerrigan. So I was kind of sad but I had to let go my two most frequent Heroes, but I still think the tank is still an interesting role. Like I played flex, like melee assassin and second tank, so I’m a little bit used to playing tanks so the transition was kind of fine.
— One of the things that was very exciting was watching you play Leoric yesterday. He’s gotten a lot of hate, you either absolutely love him or you think he’s overpowered or unfair and shouldn’t be played. What are your thoughts on him?
— I think he is a very fun hero, I really like the mechanics and his spells, I just think he’s a bit too strong. Like, I prefer and kind of feel rewarded if I outplay my opponents but I feel like it’s kind of my Hero that does all the work and not me.


— Do you think, then, that he should be nerfed, and if so do you think it’s his passive or his abilities?
— I think they should nerf his Q. His wave clear is too fast. He’s good in team fights, he’s good at split pushing, so I think a simple nerf on his Q for creep damage would be fine.
Coming back to your team switch, on team International Nihilum you were the captain. Has the transition between going from captain to the newest member of a team been hard for you or a natural change in pace?
— We were kind of three-captain’ed, I think you’d say, on Nihilum, I was just the public one. But, yeah it’s kind of weird to come in as an outsider because you, you don’t feel a part of the team at the start. It’s weird not to have control over things and be at the front of the scene.
— One of the big questions coming into this tournament was how International Na`Vi and International Fnatic would do when it comes to team synergy and just getting along with one another. How has it been so far working with Na’Vi and do you feel like part of the team?
— At the start when I tried out for them, it went very, very bad because, I don’t know, everything was just wrong and all five played bad. But after a week, we started playing very good and I feel like a part of the team and I’m also officially announced on that stuff.



— Something I’ve noticed is how your teammates, especially France JayPL, are very familiar with you and treat you like one of the guys which is amazing to see. They’ll put their arms around you, ask you how you’re doing, it looks very natural. Do you feel like you’re a member of the International Na’Vi family now or is there still a level of comfort that needs to be reached?

— I feel like a part of the team. Like, they know each other better than they know me but I still feel like they are very nice to me and I feel like I’m a part of them.
—  Overall, are you glad to have switched over to Na’Vi?
— I’m very happy. I was on Nihilum and losing for six months straight. I never really won a bigger tournament and then after three weeks on Na’Vi we won the EU Open one and qualified for Gamescom and so far at Gamescom it’s been very nice.
— Last question before you go back to practicing: Na'Vi versus Fnatic tonight. The players have been very friendly and know one another’s teams intimately. How do you predict the matchup will go, will you beat out Fnatic?
— The matches today actually don’t matter because we have to play them in the Upper Bracket Finals tomorrow no matter what. So today it will mostly just be for fun and chill, but I’m pretty confident that we are the better team and that, it’s not to be cocky but we are the better team right now and I hope that we can show that on the stage.


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