ESL One New York: All Na`Vi matches


European qualifiers of ESL One New York 2015 and today the team, which will go to the US will be determined. Two teams will fight over the slot in the main event Russian Federation Vega Squadron and Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas. The match will begin at 18:00 and will be held in bo5 format.
Unfortunately Ukraine Natus Vincere couldn't make it to the Grand Final of the qualifiers. Notwithstanding our successful start, Russian Federation Vega Squadron turned out to be more powerful on the second and third maps. The victory was close, but a number of mistakes of the Born to Win resulted in our defeat on the decisive map.
Notwithstanding the loss, our renewed roster managed to demonstrate fair game. Hence the team had no time to prepare for the qualifiers, it could be deemed as battle field training. We believe that Ukraine Natus Vincere will manage to prepare well before the beginning of the next major tournament and please the fans. The main victories are ahead!
If you've missed the qualifiers matches of our team, we suggest that you should watch the records of these games. 

Match records:


Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Russian Federation newteam [game 1]

Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Russian Federation newteam [game 2]

Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Russian Federation newteam [game 3]

Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Russian Federation Vega Squadron [game 1]

Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Russian Federation Vega Squadron [game 2]

Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Russian Federation Vega Squadron [game 3]

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