Match analysis: Na`Vi.G2A vs. EnVyUs


Today we will break down our first game on newly released de_inferno trying to pick out relevant tendencies and game patterns which our team used on Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist sides. In this particular match we encountered France EnVyUs and secured a win with 16-6 on the scoreboard. 
CIS Na`Vi showed one of their aggressive setups in the first pistol round as CTs, moving towards middle as opposed to the traditional banana push which we usually see in professional matches.



Our captain Russian Federation Denis “seized” Kostin played solo on banana trying to gather information for his teammates who controlled middle area of the map in the meantime. Ukraine Edward and Russian Federation flamie pushed down middle towards T ramp while Ukraine s1mple and Slovakia Guardian tried to divert their rivals' attention playing from ribs. 
Born to Win started off on the right foot but then made several bad decisions, when the enemy’s captain warned his team about our players on mid. The biggest mistake was s1mple rotating towards window which enabled ScreaM to attack flamie from behind. 


That provided French players with valuable man advantage. After a couple of trade kills and with some more intel given by Happy, EnVyUs realized that A plant was held by a single CT player and opted for a quick push through apartments. 



In the first gun round our players had a poor buy with limited grenades which prevented them from playing confidently in banana. The lack of control in that area led to them being unaware of enemy rotations and resulted in EnVyUs’s successful attack through middle with two flash bangs. The situation was unwinnable so the remaining Na`Vi players were forced to save their weapons. 




Next up, in contrast to the first gun round, our guys went for a full grenade buy, successfully taking banana under their control this time around. Halfway into the round seized rotated towards A to assist his teammates, while flamie was left on his own in charge of the B bombsite.



EnVyUs attempted to attack through ribs but it was no success, so they decided to go towards B. Due to Egor “flamie” Vasilyev’s sound positioning, Na`Vi were able to read their opponents like a book and made a rotation so that they could defend the B bombsite in full force.



Born to Win’s defensive strategy was built around the control of banana, which has proved to be the right area to target as our team closed the first half 10-5. A major facilitating factor was that the French players showed zero resistance on this side of the map, giving away ample information and providing Na`Vi with positioning advantage.


However, our players changed things up several times, e.g., in the 8th round s1mple assisted seized and flamie there, throwing a smoke grenade from near the car. Also, GuardiaN with the sniper rifle helped his teammates at B in round 9 and even played there solo after taking over the spot.  




That round went in EnVyUs’s pocket as the French performed another middle attack using more smoke grenades on ribs as compared to the first gun round. For more details please watch the video below.



The last thing to note when talking about the first half of this match is our solid double AWP play: s1mple took the reins of the B bombsite each time we opted for it, while flamie rotated towards A to control ribs and a plus. During the two ecos, s1mple and seized demonstrated another aggressive setup where the former played from behind the car and the latter tried to sneak behind enemy players. It paid off once as our duo was able to shut down the terrorists' rush, but they were less successful in the second one, almost giving the round away to the French. 



After the pistol round loss in the second half Na`Vi went for a force buy and decided to focus their attention on the house, planning to split through apartments and ribs. The key players of the round were ScreaM and flamie. The former couldn’t obtain a single kill due to bad positioning, while Egor hit some great shots with Tec-9.



Unlike EnVyUs, we kicked off our T side by actively attacking towards banana and trying to limit the enemy control of this area. With several frags nearby the B bombsite our players killed all hopes of CTs for a successful force buy. 



Round 20 saw EnVyUs secure early advantage as they threw several grenades towards banana and managed to take down Edward from behind the wall. Na`Vi took their time while planning any moves in response realizing that enemies used up most of their grenades in the first half of the round and that the easier way would be to wait and try to turn the tide a bit later. They executed onto the B bombsite effectively and consequently secured another round. We recommend that you take a look at what each of the teams did throughout this round; to do that see the video below. 



Concluding, seizing control over banana remains the key success factor on the new version of de_inferno, which can be illustrated by the analyzed game perfectly. EnVyUs haven’t made any attack attempts towards it in this particular matchup, moving through the house and middle instead. Unfortunately to them, this was not enough to penetrate Na`Vi’s defenses and our team kept winning round after round.    


Opponents could have figured out that our grenades were very limited after early engagements and use this by opting for later attacks. But they didn’t do it, which allowed our team to capitalize on the advantage they secured early on and close out the game with no issues. 

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